7 Things alienated man from the makeup of women

Automatically before the girls headed out of the house to her mirror to reflect her face. The result of meditation usually they see her face a little pale supplying cosmetics to her search for the best appearance and possibly more self-confidence
The formulations of women's basic cream base and rouge, kohl and mascara, as well as Alaichado Almanicur
But may not be the effect of make up on men as you think or as you would like, what you see fascinating and I spent hours in front of a mirror until you look beautiful may have a negative impact on the opposite sex
That's what finished him after consulting the views of a group of men about putting them off in the makeup of women:
The response was the first all male participants when we asked them to express their opinion as they did not like the makeup woman is: exaggerated

But mostly they admire women with natural features and make-up simple, women do not prefer artificial "features" or ultra-adornment. Here are seven points in the makeup of women might alienate the men, including

1-vivid colors

As mentioned, the opinions of men have agreed to their reluctance to make up the Poseur, and thus the colors vivid and frank, although color and Alvochea Alterkois were common in the recent period
I do not like never make up the bright, "said Ahmed El 0.31 years, " I do not like make-up apparently never
Agree with the opinion on behalf of CE. 30 years old and say, "Trabni stark colors make up in general, never Vcklha unnatural
P, "says Ahmed. 27 years old, "I do not like make-up is very clear, was the more simple the better
2 - cream base is suitable for skin color

Tstgrbin had found a man that knows what is the cream base, but they know him well, especially if the defects in the distribution on the face or in the quality of Quran itself or was not appropriate to the degree of skin color
Some girls like to sometimes change the color of the face cream Vtzmrh basis, but this is not nice at all "as seen Walid M. 0.33 years

The Ahmed GS. m. 29 years old Tarif opinion: "I do not like make-up generally, but I do not Omanah that did not go beyond a simple but touches alone or in excess of the decree without professional seems as if the girl" painted and Sha Oc ""

Did not object Tharwat n. 32 years old cream base but his opinion: "I ​​do not like cream base, which changes the color of the skin .... could put her foundation and is not seen by the feel of it but that change the color of the face, this is beautiful"

And attached Ragd St.. 35 years on this particular subject "Sometimes it's the color of the face of the large number of make-up, and be condemned to another color, a natural color, and of course this is funny"

3 - the number of colors in the face:

The response of Mina p. 26 years old when his question is "do not like the appearance of Acrobat, there is no reason for the number of colors in the face"

P Mohammed agree. 40 years old with him and say, "No, no to red cheeks that link to ear party!"

The N-Reza. 37 years old and says that what most stirred by the "color shades the eyelids, as if the girl from another planet, " he does not like her and prefer the natural color of the eyelid "When I see shades of color eyelids feel the urge to come up in a handkerchief and wiped"

Said Tamer p 0.37 years old, "I generally do not like too much make-up, especially in eye makeup, whether in black or color"

No objection to Yasser Al. 35 years old, and Mohammed p. m. 26 years on the colors in make-up that was normal and consistent confirms Yasser "I do not like crowds on the face, as I like to be color coordinated with each other, " says Mohammed, "simplicity is important and that the makeup colors are coordinated with the colors of clothes"

4 - tattoos eyebrows

Despite the adoption of a lot of artists "who are depicted Paljmabat" may tattoo on eyebrows, causing him to become commonplace on the screens we see every day, we received more than one comment that this is very offensive eyebrows.

Adds Walid M.. That "disgusting tattoos eyebrows and carries connotations of unwanted" adds Mohammed P. Also that "We must move away from the tattoo on eyebrows and graphics abnormal eyebrows, such as paintings, eight acute

5 - Roger

The reality of a foregone conclusion is the importance of lipstick in the women's makeup bag. Valroj is the king of make-up until it is almost the only product that many dare to use it alone without any other additional products. But for men also comment on this finger, the magician.

Mena p excited. Strongly, he says, "I do not like Roger, who fall outside the realm of natural lips. " Mina does not know that this look was a hit in the early has been described by experts as a cosmetic add attractive and daring to the appearance of women. But it remains the view of experts and men's opinion....

I do not like not suited to Roger skin color women, "he says Yasser Ragd but they do not agree on what suits and white black."I do not prefer to be Roger red frank and girls very white "as seen Ragd. In the view of Yasser" that Roger Red is not suitable for black "

Rare p. m. 25 years old has an opinion about Roger, a "do not tend to vivid colors"
P, "says Ahmed. h. 23 years old: "Roger in vivid colors bother me, especially to purple frank" The Knight R.. 36 years old loves it, "Roger exaggerated especially when it does not fit the woman's skin or clothes, or when it is thick on the lips seems as if the women came out of the cartoon" The R. Ahmed. 34 years old, "I do not like the lips of black or dark brown, it is the appearance of very un-fit for vampires, not girls"

6 - Conflict PC DVD

May like in concerts add a little joy to your look polished Vtljiin to put on your eyelids even Tzdadin brighter and brighter, and admire other girls doing Vtqldha. Why not, they often resorted Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce to Conflict PC DVD to Hflathma and images Olbomathma ... but do not you know that the man does not like the Conflict PC DVD over the eyelids at all "does not accept the girl with the Polisher click Ajafunha ... because the form does not seem nice, but seems inappropriate
As can be seen Wael h. 26 years and confirms his Ayman S.. 35 years old, "I do not like Conflict PC DVD at all times and in all places, it does not only adds to the" flashy "appearance to the girl"So if you care about the opinion of the man but insisted on acquiring Paljlitr preferable that limit your work in concert henna as free men....

7 - Black nail polish

We did not expect to recall any of the participants to Almanicur (nail polish), but apparently drew the attention of many men, there was a consensus not to love the colors dark brown and black and aversion to black color may be obvious but what Astgrbnah is brown special he was Very fashionable over the last season, so you do not empty drawer Dresser most girls Almanicur structures. "Almanicur black or brown bears very strange meanings.
I generally do not like the appearance of Aliimosz which includes Almanicur black, "says Mohammed p. 31 years old and would like Ahmed GS. h. Add an opinion on the subject of nail polish and says" Almanicur Black turns the women from one person to another object as it is against the natural color of fingernails, "The Nur P. Gh. 27 years old do not prefer to nail polish essentially "I do not like nail polish ... what ever being necessary? Makes me feel that the hands of the girl's legs are like chicken "...

Simplicity savvy

The result, then, that men of all ages are attracted to the appearance of the simple slave girl's natural and appalled by the appearance Poseur exaggerated advised Ayman al-g. 30 years old - which is one of the young people involved - the girl to "not be allocated a large part of the thinking in the make-up," as he advise her not to "seek to change the shape because the nature sweeter" and compares the good p. 35 years old - between Egyptian and foreign women and says that "foreign women even celebrities of them in concerts and festivals Ithalin simple Fteraha Metzinp makeup fully but does not appear evident that they put makeup on her face," he says passionately, "in Egypt, see her as" a necessary show of "people that they Thalit makeup" Summary theme is that nature is sweeter and says foreign "Less is more...


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