Witness Fashion Square in the spring and summer of 2011 the return of many of the fashions that were hit in the last decades of the last century, especially the sixties and seventies. Fashion comes and fashion dotted shouts at the top of fashion this summer. This is the fashion of the thinner and the most beautiful and most feminine fashions, which you can wear with many Styles. In this issue, we review the trends and new models in fashion and accessories dotted:

 Dotted classic fashion:
Several fashion houses, models of mottled back Modtha the fifties, a classical direction, they come in large circles and few in number. The trend is shown in such a blouse and Altonik Altonik of black silk adorned with large yellow circles.

In addition to silk blouses, presents the house of Marc Jacobs in the latest fashion offerings from the dotted crochet such a short blouse painted silk crochet Alvochea.

Fashion show and cry spotted in dresses in various forms over a sheet of classic fashion. And participates in the dots as they come smaller and more colorful on top navy blue dress in white like a slave of Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

In addition to blue, you will find Kalocefr basic colors in black, red, white models in a simple and thin.

The profiles of the new circuits created by designers, his house Valentino honored in the latest offerings, offering dress chiffon beige light touch of brass, decorated with small circles divided into groups of different sizes in black and white, and adorned with a belt of the condition Satin held in the form of Vyuncp from the front, Making it thinner than that provided by international fashion houses this summer.

Models of bold and unusual:
It is unusual models that have emerged in some special fashion houses dotted Aljoaquit short, such a black jacket dotted Bozark House of Zac Posen. Has won the admiration of some of those who follow fashion, but commented by others that it is not suitable for all times and needs to wear something daring, especially a large circles that came.

The other models were made ​​explicit duality of color and bold as well, such as his house of Moschino in suit consists of jacket and short shorts glaring red, blue, bright circles are great!

The comments amusing without which journalists from models alien they last offers can no longer choose any fashion strangest especially after the submission of Paul Smith suit, full of black silk dotted color Alvochea, and increased the surprising model wear model shoes that look like shoe men's leather green Alvestaki brilliant. . !!

He has developed some of the fashion house in a new style of fashion that dotted dresses designed and made ​​prominent circles of cloth last, as it provides the house of Louis Vuitton "dress Kroizi from " Aljersi, satin blue, red, and was decorated with the red circles large prominent satin....

Bags dotted:

Not only fashion house to provide fashion dotted where provided as well as shoes and bags from the same style. Came binaries color classic on her head like black and white, and blue and white, black and gold in the shoes or bags such as bag Juicy Couture black leather circles gold, as well as a large bag and the process of Marc by Marc Jacobs Enter the color yellow to appear in a new and innovative.


The shoes, came mostly from the Style Albrina Baltnaiyat and classic as well. But beside that, provided some fashion houses, models of bold sandals as he did the house of Miu Miu, which presented a series of Shoes and belts in bright colors for the summer included a pair of sandals bold multi-belt green bubblegum dotted white, as well as house Marni, who came shoes heeled short conical tapered and circles a large black-brown Orange and red italics.


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