Suffer from lackluster appearance and light to your hair and weak _khaslath Permanent? Standing in front of the mirror for hours, wishing to obtain the density and the power of poetry film and television stars? Follow the hair care routine the following carefully and then to Observe the appearance of your hair has looked strong and healthy after just four weeks from the start of the program

 Wash your hair every four days

Washing hair on a daily basis is a common mistake is when most women are unaware of the consequences of this in the destruction of the scalp and the destruction of the sebaceous glands in them which may cause the shell and damaged hair
Therefore, make sure to wash your hair every three or four days at least and avoid washing the hair daily, which make him lose the natural oils and minerals, as recommended Tgdelh combed hair, "the work of pigtail" on the day following the day washed in order to benefit from the oils in it.

Use products rich in protein

Make sure to pick the types of cleaners hair "shampoo" and refreshments, "soothes and bathroom Quran" rich in protein, keratin and amino acids, as these elements work to strengthen the hair fibers damaged and the supply of the roots of the hair protein-deficient, which contributes significantly in strengthening the hair from the roots up to the parties.
Shall also use the conditioner and decent bathrooms on a regular basis to maintain the hair moisture, which in turn makes the hair appear shiny and healthy.

Massage the scalp on a daily basis

Feeds the hair on the blood in the first place is the scalp is a mediator that connects the material and nutrients in blood to the hair, so linked to the health of hair is essential to the health of the scalp, is often the reason behind the weakness of the hair and dry is the weakness of the scalp and its inability to absorb elements in the blood.
The best way to maintain the health of the scalp massage is on a daily basis in order to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the scalp to absorb the nutrients in the blood. Use the fingers of your hands and massage the entire scalp in circular motions for 10 minutes a day. In the case of severe pain in the scalp, it shall consult a dermatologist.

Return the distribution of oil on your hair

After daily massages for the scalp, make sure you comb your hair with a brush medical "wood" from the roots up to the parties to move the natural oils in the scalp to other parts of the hair.

Follow a diet Mtoarna

Make sure to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair, such as a protein that Stgdenh in the meat, and vitamin "B" available in vegetables, legumes, sunflower seeds and vitamin "c" in lemon, orange, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers. As well as all of the vitamin "A" and vitamin "e"
Such as these vitamins will increase the strength of your hair and reduce the likelihood of exposure to any kind of damage as it would make your hair full of vitality and beauty.

TCO natural mask of each month

 In addition to routine care steps the previous holder shall prepare a normal weekly or monthly depending on the degree of damage to the hair so as to supply the necessary natural elements that work to strengthen the scalp and treatment of the outer layer of hair. You can perform a bath of olive oil or egg holder of the following:

Olive oil:

Dress warm the olive oil, and then Zeih well on the scalp to be covered completely and massage your hair with your fingers, then Put a wet towel with warm water, and whenever another Astbdlleha cooled, and this
situation continues for a period ranging between twenty minutes and an hour. Then wash your hair as usual.
Olive oil has the characteristics of a natural tonic for the hair shaft, especially dry hair which will give strength and luster.

Eggs and castor oil

Mix egg yolks with 2 / 1 cup castor oil well, then grease the hair and scalp by Dlkih well and leave for 5 hours and then rinse and wash with shampoo and rinse well.
This will strengthen the mask density of hair and giving it smooth and healthy texture.


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