Are parties to the hair of the shell as a result of the use of iron hair every day or for frequent intervals, and treatment to solve the problem of brittle hair is a little sacrifice of the parties to cut the hair in the opinion of an expert cosmeticGilan Atef

And beauty expert advises girls to make sure to use sharp scissors, preferably from a shop to buy tools, decking, and ask the hairdresser to teach you how to cut the parties, needs hair in the summer to intensify care of itthrough the cut limbs on a regular basis every three weeks.

Experts say that cutting the layering parties need because his limbs are being bombed and cracking on an ongoing basis, and must use creams and natural oils that help hair care.

Second, do not use your hair using the hair tight bras. The rubber caps andthe narrow lead to strangulation of the hair and brittleness. So try to keep your hair Mnsdla as much as possible so that it can grow freely.

Third, do not use hair brushes frequently, the more you do more in thedemobilization, the more damage your hair further. Using the brush to a national work then Tovqy hairstyle for demobilization.

Fourth, the hair dyed his problems too, so advise expert beauty and hair care in a safe, easy to modify the hair dye: If the roots of white show you quickly and you will find that the painted Balsalon very expensive propose you an expert makeup (Bobbi Brown) with a brush mascara, you can control the roots as they emerge in the case, and painted in a professional manner, it is one of the fastest ways of saving critical issues. 

V to increase the light hair: You propose an expert Ken Franklin Hair SalonHurdrsenj Macmillan Macmillan Hairdressing after towel drying hair andbefore using the electric dryer, Ksmah to many locks and drying BachriBalsehoar .. And preferred to use a large round brush size, remember thatalways lay at the roots to the top, and the more the hair is thicker, you had touse shampoo richer.

Remember that shampoo Alsellkjon content on the soft layer above tufts, andAnamjdhur hair without making it sticky.


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