Beautiful Hollywood rallied strongly on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards ceremony which was held the day before yesterday in the state of Los Angeles. All Star and was able to be distinguished from other attractive charming heroine, whether to choose evening dress or hairstyle or make-up Style
You chose a group of beautiful Tlat characterized by tenderness and softness .. Maybe it helps you to see the latest cries of makeup and hairstyles for the fall season and winter

Lee Mitchell wacky hair relaxed with a short front suddenly highlighted the beauty and makeup simple combination of a light selection of eye shadows with the conciliator and bright lipstick pink rich

Menka Kelly Pmakiaj in very thin when her eyes set Balaj liner shades of gray and black with fuchsia lipstick and her hair was preferred to the back and side-curtain some wisps.

Amy Tejardn Pmakiaj Smoky calm and neutral lips and raised hairstyle back.

Block and a female magician, starred actress Nina Dobrev her dress with red hair, wacky corrugated one-drop-down on the shoulder with a soft smokey makeup for eyes, lips and bronze shades of neutral.

Actress Sofia Vergara and identify strong shadows Alkhokhih eyes with red lips and red slash of orange and hairstyle drop-down delicately on the back.

Kobe Smalders story short hair with makeup lightning combine the white shadows and bright pink lipstick with a simple 
fix for the gray eyes

Rachel Taylor and the story of short hair (Carian), eyes shiny bronze and rich pink cheeks and lips shiny Balvochea

Diana Arjun and bright makeup to the eyes where it was identified with the IP pens blue liner and black lipstick peach.

Raceda Jones starred Ptsfifah cake side with a short front by surprise and strong identification of the eye with red lips painted dark red.

Heidi Klum Almmoum wacky short hair from the back side with surprise and makeup for eyes bright shades of white and bright pink lips.

Kaley Cuoco Block combining thin Alkhokhih rich shadows and lip gloss transparent with the hairstyle and Almmoum raised from the back.

Juliana Margulies Ptsfifah Hair corrugated cabbage Parties Fashion inspired by the eighties with a light eye makeup and lips Jukhih.

Michelle Forbes and a fantastic hairstyle of hair from the middle and trans Almmoum of alliance with some wisps randomly from the drop-down sides

Katie Holmes starred simplicity Ptsfifah raised the hair with light eye make-up lips.

Maria Meons drew attention to the heroine in spite of the simplicity of vital Makiajha who combined Asamuki shadows and neutral lips, but what was more attractive hairstyle is the hair that the drop-down corrugated on her left shoulder.


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