Every day offers expert hair care new and sophisticated methods to take care of it and treat the various problems and satisfy the wishes of the ladies to get the hair healthy and shiny at all times. In this issue of restricting you the latest hair care tips from beauty experts.

1 - to prevent and Thich ruffled hair after a shower, the experts advise you to the era of good hair and dried handkerchiefs instead of paper kitchen towel rub normal. Valmanadel paper will absorb the water faster and more effective than the towel cloth without causing volatility and Thich hair.

2 - When you use a penny and pins installed in the hairstyle, Pour the shampoo dry, before being placed in the hair, the product will make Fbodrh penny more compact hair which does not slip and spoil the new hairstyle.

3 - tap water contains chlorine bath and metals harmful to the health of the hair and destroy its natural color, so experts advise you on hair care using a water purification (filter) allocated to the bathtub. This device will reduce the damage to domestic water on the hair

4 - of beliefs prevalent among women that the hair is washed absorbs the color of the dye is greater than the clean hair, and this is wrong because the color of real hair appears once washed making it easy for hair stylist determine the color of the dye best suited to the degree of your hair real, Put in mind also that the accumulation of products make the hair color dark, so must be disposed of and re-hair the natural color foam soap before hair dye.

5 - some products raising the hair "volume-enhancing products" doing its job more effectively when exposed to heat, so Valaktefa put them on the roots and let hair dry naturally is not a good idea at all, but the best is to shed warm air to the roots after placing Almsthoudro individual hairs in the If you need the dryer with a focus on the roots.

6 - Although the baths moisturize the hair deep impact or rich in protein help strengthen weak hair, but the frequently used and excess of the limit of things wrong, which is taken to the ladies, Marine experts Hair Care believe that the frequent use of such creams especially rich in protein lead to a summation residues on the tufts of hair which works to bridge the external layers of the hair making it dry and Mottagsfah, we only need the use of such baths twice a month.

7 - Use a toothbrush to get the density and the fake hair! Poetry needs to light a different way in combing to make it appear thick and rich. After your hair dries completely Take a lock of your hair forward and Arfieha pectinate and roots from the back in the opposite direction, brush teeth, clean, dry and then repeat with the rest of the Wisps. You'll notice that the volume of your hair has grown and become more intense.

8 - For a corrugated fashion hair, which characterized the old Hollywood stars, use a large cylindrical iron wrinkled, hair rollers or a large thermal.

9 - Treat your hair moisturize your home! When your hair loses moisture by heat or cold, it is possible to become lifeless and very fragile. To moisturize and revitalize your hair, experts advise using a moisturizing at home, it will modify the equilibrium temperature of the ambient air which keeps your hair in better shape, in addition to that, you need to address your hair moisturizing baths.

10 - to fine tune the hair fast Alantfash, Here's the trick: Use a soft cloth paper and wipe it on the hair to dry, then mix a little of the lotion with lotion hair trimmed hair flying in and wipe your hands and Mrrehma on the hair.         


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