Graduated fashion all the shouts of a new, whether in fashion or accessories which have  
baselines in each season
For example, if the embroidery, detail and decoration Alkyprh of the most important characteristic of what season you will find in Bmodellat vehicle accessories and bags embroidered evening dresses and in some shoes have come a simple embroidery.
But in spite of that, you may find some of the crazy fashions completely different cries of the season for core and perhaps also different from the usual fashion in general. And even though it means to judge the success of the cry of a certain ease of wearing them with a sense of comfort and that they involved the process but some designers insist on drawing the attention of the world design models, strange and not easy to put on.
Perhaps the shoes are the last to touch the mind to be the subject of exotic models, but this is done by some international designers.

On this subject, we turn to some models which, although involved in the different than usual it vary in the degree of bizarre, some may be valid worn at a time and specific circumstance, but others need a lot of courage and perhaps endurance so can be worn as we shall see in the shoes and sandals following of several houses fashion.

Daring snakeskin new colors

Courage is what is described by all the models you need a girl to wear it sometimes even came classic features of the models but it remains unusual, such as this sandal from Gucci designer from the skin of the snake, but new colors and non-traditional
It is known that the snake skin colors ranging between gray and black, brown and Bih their nuances, but it was change the color of the skin to collect white and beige with a touch of orange in the design of multi-belts and a very high heel and padded in the same skin.

It's the same idea of ​​snake skin Bmodel bold colors and explicit in the last barge, but the design of the Yves Saint Laurent to varying olive green with dark red, and heels and straps, seamless high.

Shoes and crystal flowers ..

 The shoes designed some models of materials in very thin, making them easy to wear and can walk only on the carpet or a paved place, you can not go down to the street. Most of these models of shoes are appropriate for the wedding, the slave of such a sandal design Brian Atwood, satin, adorned with flowers of stereoscopic Alawrzinza, and heel and a high cone decorated with crystals and silver beads.

Feathers and ropes of Valentino and Christian Dior .

The house of Valentino Italian heritage of the first designers who have used the materials in an innovative and different in recent seasons, as introduced in the satin cloth and accessories, as well as they did in the shoes and added feathers. And they provided models of leather metallic sandals decorated with black feathers such a bold sandal.

According to some models of flowers decorated with feathers and silk ribbons like sandalwood multiple belts appropriate for the wedding.

Then the designers Christian Dior and the same idea but in a more aggressive model, in the last barge belt explicit colors of green and blue feathers bright pink, and a high 7 cm heel, and beaded bracelet around ankle.

Also provided Christian Dior sandals models and colors bolder designed ropes scheduled such blatant yellow sandalwood colors, red and conciliator.

Shoes inspired by the colors of men, but girls!!

The degree of strangeness of the model to another, it may be because the large number of explicit colors as stated above, it may be because of the color model with such a strange shoe designed by Miu Miu, which combines the features of men's shoes and Bannata and fuchsia colors and stark black and white!

Strange and funny

Comes some of the exotic shoe models to combine innovation and wit like Bernardo sandal designed to remind us of a thousand and One Nights and Sinbad. It seems a piece of sandalwood accessories silver component of the ankle bracelet is decorated with beads only Silver is busy, and place of the great toe of the silver ball with a pointy!
Alexander McQueen is superior to everyone
Finally, here are several models of sandals from the design house of Alexander McQueen known Bmodellath amazing. Share sandals in it many ornaments, beads, heels come united in a very peculiar forms of the resin component in the form of leaves, flowers and three-dimensional waves make it difficult to imagine how to wear it!


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