TEach season is increasing name Elie Saab fame and brighter in the fashion world, whether in the Arab world or in the world, is one of the designers activists who provide many of the offers in a single season, as he often chooses a line sets it apart from the rest of the designers, perhaps a little different from the fashion prevailing in the season. We were in the summer and spring seasons the last two of this year we may offer his Elie Saab and overwhelming success in all offers, both in fashion and classical process easy wear or evening dresses and Alsoarehat

Here is the first due to the fall season offers a unique dresses Swaraih different from what we have seen offers of other designers, they also have Modtha private and independent fashion season, as we shall see in the presentation of haute - couture Next Fall 2011-2012

Fall classics:

It is known that the fall season is the season transitional figure in the seasons of fashion where you start the girl give up the colors of spring and summer, the bustling fashion carved and dressed in colors of fashion this season, which is characterized by degrees the quiet of neutral colors that comes beige analyzing progress on her head, This is the tradition of Fashion Autumn Klashikiadtha. Has committed itself to the designer Elie Saab this nature in the Pacific presented the first of the autumn evenings dresses this year but has chosen to new heights as we will see in many of the dresses.

Dresses from within this group of thin chiffon dress with a light cream to slash my Lord, half km, embroidered Ttriza heavy on the chest, waist, and descending a specific broad and embroidered in the form of branches are concentrated on the tail.

Elie Saab has been used embroidered white chiffon and satin Alsimmon in some dresses to show varying corrugated, like the dress of satin specific slave of the body, and it beaded beaded chiffon and pearls and large, which fits slim.

Soarehat autumn gold accents:

Fashion dresses and continue with a touch of gold to be one of the most prominent Alsoareh cries for Fall 2011-2012 by Elie Saab had a different way from what we've seen before. Golden, where he was an addendum to the dress and not in the basis of color as it is characterized by varying quiet which makes you look like a dreamer and romantic look to wear these dresses. For example, comes in gold thread embroidery ivory dress as we see in this dress, Kroizih, wide neck opening and long-shaped V, long and open at the front

t is the most beautiful dresses that were tending to the gold medal in the show was this thin silk dress embroideredI with strings of bright red gold-colored, long sleeves, and neck slot Sabrina, and the slot from the front in the form of a letter V.

New colors:
The new colors made by Elie Saab in his group and has nothing to do Bmodh autumn of this year was the color of cocoa in the warm Fstanin Haza impressed the audience.

The first designer of embroidered chiffon, sleeveless, wide open, descending from the front, with a thin ribbon wrapped around the neck
The dress design came second and more remarkable paper of glossy silk Alawrzinza degree of dark cocoa color, shiny beaded strings from the top, specifically the waist belt and a rose

Degrees of snow:

One of the most characteristic presentation, group dresses in varying colors of ice ranging between gray and cyan have helped the background show the blue highlight these dresses with makeup models pale, sparking a storm of applause, which had, including the dress thin silk Alawrzinza, design heart-shaped from the front, without sleeves, a specific flower, waist, and descending widely in several layers of strips of the petition

The dresses of the most beautiful colors of the snow was a dress embroidered with beads the entire crystal


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