We are on the outskirts of the month of November, the weather begins in the Arab world in moderation with a touch cooler in the evening. The girls think of at this time in the winter season appearance, and begin to see the latest fashion trends to determine my suit is her wardrobe for that. The international fashion houses began already in the provision of collections and fashion accessories for the winter season 2011 - 2012, which followed up on the whole, we can know some of the features of next season.

It is noted that the year 2011 in most seasons (spring - summer - and fall) came to revive many of the fashion models that were prevalent in the seventies and sixties, and it seems it will continue as well as at the beginning of the winter season. Back where I started fashion and luxury vehicle models, especially in evening gown

The fur of the most luxurious materials, which began to appear in several groups to fashion for this winter evening, as we review in this subject, in addition to knowledge of most popular types of fur.

Types of fur / fur:

The goat and rabbit fur, fox fur of the most common and most prevalent and is one of the least expensive types of fur. And is often used rabbit fur in a fraction of fashion Jawakit, so that the decorated bracelets or collars or jacket pockets and fringes. The fox fur is the longest-lived and most likely from rabbit fur so you may find more to come to decorate the front of the jackets Koshah winter jacket design may be the whole of it. The fur or dander is up goats treated in different ways, either to come out in the form of wool, mohair, fur, or in the form of long silky hair. There are the most beautiful mink fur and soft fur of the two types of ex-It is also more expensive.

The fur is the most beautiful types of ways (Sable Fur) scheme, which comes in colors beige and gray. There is also a kind of luxury and expensive is taken from an animal Aelchenchila (chinchilla) is a species Alkorad, slightly larger than the size of squirrel.

This is with regard to the types of natural fur. But because some come expensive fashion designers were able to simulate the shape and colors of many of them in the fur industry.

Fur in the winter of 2011 - 2012
Is not new to see the fur in the winter have begun to return to fashion two seasons ago, but in a narrower border, where he comes in the form of decoration or ornamentation of the model, for example, spread model jacket or wool or chamois leather sleeves decorated Bosorh of fur or collars. The model has spread from the fur jacket designed so that the goat fur decorated the inside of the fur and skin of the same from the outside.

But new this year that there is a fashion and the whole of the fur jackets and Bmodellat modern and new.

Fast of fur:
Among the most prominent models of fur that appeared in the last few weeks, Model Alvest long or short jacket without sleeves," which was the whole of the fur.

It models what was appropriate for the modern style, like this elegant Alvest of the fur industry fur Aelchenchila simulates the varying gray, uneven lengths (short front and long rear), long collar hanging from the front Koshah.
I'm getting to wear casual dress casual clothes with a fast, wide trousers and a chart, T-shirt is long sleeved, and multiple bracelets.

Some models came Alvest Bstyl classic to some extent, such a wonderful design Alvest jacket, short collar, and front pockets.
The new models, Alvest is open from a wide belt of the skin to suit worn also Style casual (jeans and T-shirts) or with a Style classic "skirt in the form of a letter A with a wide-sleeved blouse."
Short fur jacket for the evening:
The back fur jacket for the evening this year, but the short model, like this jacket very short dress with satin Vochea.

Fur new colors:

It is known that the colors of fur are often confined to the beige and brown, black and gray with their nuances, but the evolution of the dye used in clothing as well as the manufacture of fur allowed the designers to use bold colors in unusual fur Alvest such a wonderful color glossy conciliator for the evening.




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