Elegance to the way Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie :
Name needs no introduction in the Hollywood and throughout the world
They are famous actress daughter of famous actor John Voight
Linked to actor Brad Pitt
Known positions and humanitarian obligations towards children, led her to adopt three children from Cambodia and Ethiopia and Vietnam.
In addition to the special character and culture
Angelina is an example of a woman who combines power, elegance and success
In every ceremony of Academy Awards ceremonies and festivals guide magazines, websites and media outlets interested in fashion sights on some of the actresses to see fashion that have been selected to appear by and on top of Angelina Jolie, who appeared in one of her films with Johnny Depp's extraordinary range of fashion, making a lot of viewers think it enough to appear Featured dude, even if the role played in the film is a strong attendance. Has recently been some magazines and sites specialized in the fashion world the work of a vote to choose a more Hollywood style Vojmat Lovely sounds on the selection of Angelina Jolie in the first place. In this issue we review some of the dresses and fashion that have emerged in different periods and on several occasions.

White alone:
In one of the Academy Awards ceremonies, appeared Angelina Jolie dress in very good and tenderness of satin white, long, sleeveless, and the strap held behind the neck, opening the neck and a wide V-shaped back of the naked to the waist, and a long tail triangle from the back, with a scarf of the same severity Dress. She was wearing a dress with a necklace Marc Bouwer and H. Stern's big multiple chains.
Dark gray, but different:
At the ceremony the sixty-fourth of the Golden Globes, Angelina Jolie wore a dress in a very thin model to the simplicity of the St. John. Dress designer from dark gray chiffon, sleeveless, defined waist, the upper part on the shape of a heart, and descending in a broad Cornices long.

Degrees of chocolate and finishes in copper:
In the Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards have emerged in the artist elegant dress dazzles everyone Brgueth and distinguish colors and different. Dress by Herm's, chiffon lining Balsatan, and comes in black chiffon beige and brown (chocolate degrees) with touches of brass, without sleeves, the upper part on the shape of a heart, and descending in the form of a broad character A.

In the last months of pregnancy, but .. Elegant:

In Cannes, it was Angelina Jolie in the last months of pregnancy but very slim elegance, wearing a dress signed the MaxAzria Atelier of green silk, sleeveless, and opening the neck and wide in the form of a letter V, high and specific waist and descending a broad Cornices longitudinal contributed to make it look Strength more agile than it is in this period.

At the ceremony, the sixth and sixty of the Golden Globe, featured artist Almtonqp wearing a dress of satin white oblique gray, embroidered with beads transparent crystal and silver, dress, bras, and the opening of the neck and wide in the form of a letter V, and wide at the top and descending simply without Cornices, where only the designer embroidery.

In the dark blue sea:
You'll notice the direction of simplicity Angelina Jolie in her choices of dresses, both at the level of color or models. The best evidence that this dress, which appeared in the Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards by Max Azria, dress chiffon navy blue dark sleeves and a wide short slot and neck Sabrina, defined waist and without any motifs or styles other ring with a large signed the Tiffany & Co.

In one of Cannes, Angelina Jolie wore a dress of a great design house Versace long history, chiffon beige italics Lord Aldrabiah design.

Angelina Jolie


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