Moreover, the fashion engraved with flowers and bright colors renew your look and make you look brilliant, it is also a common joy in yourself and make you more active and popular life. The classics of fashion in every spring and summer, the return of bright colors and flowers in the clothing, but which varies from season to season is a way to provide these flowers in any colors. The summer of 2011, the shouts in the direction of a bold fashion patterned with flowers. While every girl the right to wear these clothes female but there are some points that must be observed.

Dresses is the best thing you can wear in fashion patterned with flowers because they are alone center shine in this style. The Style Sleeveless dress with short jacket is decorated with flowers better, while maintaining the beautiful impact on your appearance.
And preferably before you wear costumes patterned flowers to know the nature of the posture and what Sinasabh. If you are slim with the strength of "short and broad shoulders and slender" or pear-strength "over the lower part of the upper filled with small shoulders, " preferred to stay away completely from large patterns, where the very small flowers suit you. But if you're a girl slim and long, The colors bright and large flowers are what suits you best.
When you wear costumes patterned flowers large and bold colors, make sure that any other piece in your look very simple, short jacket - that I am wearing - and the bag, and sandalwood. Preferably be lighter and quieter colors.


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