Adaqh some changes in the Style of your life may make a big difference when it comes to getting on the skin free of blemishes. Follow the ten steps below and Adreigna within your daily routine and make sure that your skin will remain healthy and fresh and free of defects all the time

1 - Identify your skin type
Accurately determine the type of skin helps in the process of selecting appropriate products have to prevent any infections or side effects, especially with the use of cosmetics cure pimples. You can determine your skin type do a simple test is a Note nature of the skin as soon as waking from sleep, and if found it full of fat in all parts of it means it is greasy but that Kanb dry and tight it is normal but if it is dry and tight, is made of dry type If it is full of fat in the regions of the nose and forehead, it means only that they are mixed.

In addition, if your skin is of the type that is affected by any friction or rapid climatic factors, it means they are sensitive and need for specialized products in dealing with sensitive skin.

2 - suntan lotion

Not only using the usual hand lotion, but a national buying lotion for the face fits your skin type and brand of high quality and Astkhaddmah on a daily basis to keep your skin clean, free of residues which are difficult to remove regular soap

3 - scaly skin
Skin peeling removes dead cells and accumulated by the color of your skin that make Mtafaa lackluster. Use Makecra gentle to the skin once a week and after my moisturizer cream. You can use the peeled products Natroyjana in the event that your skin is sensitive.

4 - Moisturize your skin
Does not moisturize your skin Thmli of any kind, and in the case whether the fatty, choose moisturizers that help moisturize the skin and absorb excess oil at the same time.

5 - Use Holy Shield
Not dispense with never a condom when you are decent outside the home and Taatardan to the sun for a long time to protect your skin from UV damage and skin disease that has hit Kalalthab and combustion.

6 - make-up remover
Take your time five minutes before sleeping and remove the make-up effects on the skin, and avoid sleep for good makeup because it fills the pores leaving skin oils trapped inside, which leads to the formation of pimples and inflammation.

7 - Drink a wealth of water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and Eat more herbs and green tea, this fluid helps to maintain moisture in the skin and strengthen skin elasticity and works to remove toxins in the body. Avoid drinks high in sugar and caffeine such as coffee, Nescafe and soft drinks are harmful to the health of your skin.

8 - Eat healthy food
Your food based on the state of your skin, so a lot of acts of eating healthy foods represented in vegetables and fruits and avoid fatty food and red meat and choose foods low in fat and high nutritional value.

9- Marcy Exercise
Practice exercises that help to purify the body and stimulate blood circulation by helping to regenerate skin cells efficiently, making it a healthy Matturdh free of defects. Take your time from half an hour a day to practice walking on a walking or jumping exercises Marcy.

10 - not to pressure
Stress and nervous will not help you to get perfect skin free of blemishes, take a break every day and think about work and worries. Just lie down on the bed and read your favorite book or infected the massage for different members of your body and then Take a warm bath. Then you will feel good and bright

11 - Sleep well

Sleep through the skin cells renewal operations, and this process is necessary to the beauty and health of your skin all the time so you should give it enough sleep each day to perform its mission to the fullest.


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