Summer is the chapter that we spend a lot of time during which the beach or in the swimming pool. Did you know that elegance is required even in the pool? In this article we will give you some tips to show your style in full even when you are in the swimming pool.

First: Figure

Disregard all the rage and modern fashions and choose what is appropriate for your body, and we've talked in a previous article about how to choose the sea bass according to the nature of the body of each one of us. In addition to choosing the right swimsuit for your body shape careful to choose the size appropriate for your size. Some women choose to objects filled with sea bass measuring more than they need them, thinking that this is the best. In fact, the lower large Valqtah make the rear look as if accompanied by children wearing a towel, and the upper large segment making the chest appear flabby because they do not give him full support. This is the most important thing when choosing a swimsuit is to be measured appropriately careful to cover the upper part of the sea bass for at least two thirds chest

Second, materials

Avoid the sea bass is made from cotton absorbs water and stick to the skin as it does not dry quickly after getting out of the pond

Third: Accessories

Do not forget accessories to the pond. For example, my pierced a long time or a contract and of course do not forget sunglasses to protect your eyes is from the sun and give you an elegant look

Fourth, the cover

Do not forget to take as a cover for wear between the changing room and pool. Buy a large colored scarf colors and beautiful graphics and where on your body.


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