Although pajamas may not receive much attention from girls and women, but it is one of the most important pieces that should be constantly by the renewal, and the search for the most comfortable and suitable for our bodies because they are renewed and granted Ms.

psychological confidence as beautiful.
No secret to you that pajamas must be compatible with the seasons and rituals cold or warm, both in terms of the length of cloth or clothing and thick as well.
In the summer pastor choose light cotton or silk, which absorbs cold easily, as well as choose the clothes the short or medium length to suit your body and your personality, and the winter Get Sleepwear long in the form of pajamas or T-shirts Medium height and made of cotton thick intended for classes the cold and do not forget get a thick socks with them.
In the image of the old Pyjamas is a long shirt over a pair of canvas and also one day differed significantly Pyjamas concept for the near past.
Companies are put pants many colors with coordinated fabrics of different T-shirts, and then leaves the choice of the girl or lady for her imagination and freedom to choose the most suitable.
In fact, that this option gives you access to more than pajamas at a time, we recommend that you get the pants and one for every Qmachin because the shirts are usually subject to rapid deterioration compared trousers himself, especially as these pajamas modern suitable for wear inside the house during the day as well.
Choose a Pajama Bmodel Classic may mask weight and lets you very comfortable on the bed, but it is important that the selection of the story without horizontal lines because it suggests more of the show, and also that do not contain great graphics because it suggests more than the size but if you're skinny too, and in return you can choose Pajama bear longitudinal lines in order to suggest a length and consistency of your body.
If you choose the model of modern Pyjamas Choose your size perfectly and not wider or narrower, so if you Got a form the body of pear patron choose shirts short up to the hips because the pants will be broad in all cases, while the shirt should not be long because it will reach the areas most is full.
But if you Got a Ertala excess stomach when you can choose shirts, which consists of two pieces, a piece of internal light and long trousers, linking them with the average length.
Outer garment, or what is called the "robe", which is worn on the clothing of sleep is very important complementary piece in the closet, and perhaps it is the best fabric silk satin ligh

 A total of nightgowns


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