As we approach the summer season and holidays, busy every girl look like how the appearance of the season, which is often crowded with events, trips and weddings.

And the intervention of some girls who do not like their weight in their diet to get rid of some extra kilos of weight until you reach the ideal. All this for the sake of appearing magnificently this season. If you followed the previous fashion shows us that we have provided you'll notice that most of the international designers seeking to achieve what you want in the spring and summer; which is a combination of tenderness and Heakh and simplicity at the same time. So, if you are thinking about renewing your clothes closet did not pray after Btfkirk exactly what you want to, put in front of your eyes this goal: Xiakh, paper, and simplicity.

One of the most production lines that bring you the fashion house that Vero Moda Bstylath deals that combine femininity and Heakh and practical at the same time. In this issue we review some of what Vero Moda offer of dresses for summer

Shine during the day and evening colors of 2012:  
Known that we are in spring and summer we leave aside all dark colors, neutral and begin to wear bright colors. But the 2012 comes in varying new and very bold, especially the neon colors and grades explicit. Therefore, it is the basics that must be contained in your clothes closet. For this, Vero Moda offers a wide variety of dresses in this color of this dress from crepe Alvochea bright color. Sleeveless dress, and the slot-shaped neck, V, and defined waist.

Here's another dress color a little quieter than in the past, turquoise, Peixrat wide, square neck opening, and more suited to her slender elongated textures, and the bar with worn leather belt average supply. Model is available from the same dress in bright yellow color.

He notes the use of Vero Moda designer of the raw materials in abundance Kalkreb and thin silk dresses as we see in this simple dress slave Bmodel great degree of pink color, defined waist. What distinguishes this style of dresses that fit to the day and evening periods, but depending on the accessories that Stertdenh with him.

Patterned dresses .. Basics of the season:    
The group included dresses carved inscriptions in different forms, including plants and flowers as we see in this short blue dress and white, half a km decorated cornice, thin waist and a specific descending widely

There are distinctive geometric patterns such short multi-color dress, decorated with intersecting lines.

Dress, as well as another "Kroizih" Aljersi of conciliator in yellow and light, decorated with fees in the form of circles of different sizes.

Style dresses planned:   
One of the latest fashion trends that have emerged in the spring of 2012 and continue until the summer is the fashion dresses planned and which come in a Vero Moda Bmodellat very diversity, for example, there is the dress planned pens high, and are thin and such a simple black dress in white, To enjoy the lines begin to form triangles of higher then in the straight skirt.

A model that comes with lines such a broad cross-dress in black-gray, long sleeved is a simple design allows you to wear with trousers Ktonak.

Dresses tail is indented: 
And continues Fashion dresses that come tail is indented in this season, too, have made Vero Moda in several models, including this dress planned Bmodel Modern and the tail is longer than the back in the form of a triangle.

Such as the slave of this dress, silk crepe beige italics Lord, without sleeves, and held behind the neck Bharith, Drabiah, descending from the front in the form of a triangle, and the tail end side in the same format.

Here are some kind dresses came in the group ..



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