((A volcano of the most beautiful women and most elegant earth)) .. This is less what is described by the Festival of British elegance, which comes to every woman in English all at the same time, the structure of crushing the other women to win only one (most stylish woman in Britain).
Is also involved most of the ladies of the royal family at the festival, which is under the auspices of the biggest fashion houses around the world.
And compete every woman of any age with the others in this festival on three stages, namely the first and the elegance of her shoes with her bag over the suitability, here are some women than reducing the length of the heel, which sometimes up to 15 cm and more.
And the second phase, the elegance and elegant dress, whether short or long, and prefer to wear women are color coded in this festival, so different from the rest of the women attendees who want the title, including kidnapping.
The third phase, it is to the hat and hairstyle, and is also known for Alangelesiat the mark is a stylish women's hat and solve a difficult equation with a combination of modern and classic elegance at the same time.
Although very little has come out the title for women the British royal family, but it won this year called 'Danielle Lloyd' dress green short and black shoes brand 'Prada' and a hat in the form of rose large black and works in the original modeling for the magazine 'Vogue'.



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