Hands soft and thin enhance Onottk, so you should not allow your drought-infiltrating it at all, and you can achieve this by following the following recipe Alllih constantly.

1 - before going to bed, unfold the Alloh your pet on all parts of the skin of hands and wrists, and preferably a high-quality lotion In the case of unavailability, Astbdlah Vaseline ointment.

2 - Wear gloves-shirt throughout the night during sleep

3 - Once you wake up from sleep and then used the gloves Anzei Makecra them lightly or with a mixture Dlkiha tablespoon sugar and several drops of lemon. This combination will help to remove dead cells and lighten the color of the skin.

4 - After peeling the skin, a light moisturizer Adhina your hands and then massage the skin around the nail oil or cream and a stick inside the Adfieh trimmed nails allocated to it.


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