Fashion is a "sleep naked", meaning without underwear sleeping in bed, like other phenomena, of the tendencies that emerged in Europe. "Revolution of students" in the early seventies of the last century. But today, despite the descent of students heavily to the streets of German cities to protest the high tuition, observers did not expect the return of students to "sleep naked" and they are not also expect the return of the new generation to the "pajamas" classic.

This is a fact Astantjtha about a new study conducted by the Institute Sleepwear Market Research in Nuremberg, southern Germany, commissioned by the magazine "The Economy of tissue," sponsored by the Federation of German producers of clothing. And yet, the "erosion" played a role in the phenomenon of "shrinkage", which included today's skirts, underwear and bras .. Etc

German says the study, which Asft 8900 people, the ratio of sleeping naked in their beds today no more than 9%, while the proportion of 13% before 10 years, and 39% before 30 years old. It also shows that the East Germans more adherent to the principles of the Revolution "bare" in the seventies, with winds that day that did not tell East "Berlin Wall" of the late, because the rate of "sleep naked" including up to 11% now.
On the other hand, it is clear that the parties "PartyGaming pajamas," which prevailed in the late sixties and early seventies of the twentieth century are no longer common, but it is no longer a place for "pajamas" and the shirt to sleep in the family of Germans today. And returned the day wears pajamas classic only 33% compared with 50 percent 10 years ago, bought this year, 30% of the German new pajamas or nightgown new women constitute 33% of them.
Fundamental conclusion of the study on the bed clothes says: The current trend is the tendency to sleep underwear, a method favored by more than 50% of Germans to this day. It is considered as interested observers into economic trend and the "compromise", and the phenomenon shows awareness of the necessity of providing health and fitness to sex. I have risen, according to figures of the study, the proportion of my favorite sleeping clothes internal rate ranging between 30 and 35% during the last ten years.


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