The city of New York Events and Offers Fashion Week which was held which was attended by many of the fashion world and Mussama fashion house famous collections painted some of the features fashion for the fall season of 2012. Have included presentations on a variety of fashion for a period of daytime, evening and fashion as well. In this issue, we review the most important Styles that have emerged in different offers.
Allenbata color in fall fashion 2012:
Varied colors of fall fashion remarkably retains some of which came with some spring sunshine, some of which came as a neutral fashion familiar in the fall. But the back of a distinctive color, a dark red (Allenbata) in many of the offers. Appeared in such a fashion evening dress designed by Christian Siriano, from the folds of the hill, chiffon, leather belt shiny black.

Fashion In the evening, came in a color Allenbata DKNY in bold Luc fur and skin to add to the appearance of worn beautiful land.

The color Allenbata as an integral part in the group that was attended by the house Diane von Furstenberg offers in New York Fashion Week. Appeared in a dress with a simple Bmodel shoe and handbag fiery red.

Long wool jacket in a bold and innovative Lok suit with chiffon.

In Satin Drabiah dress, bag and bot the same color, with gray wool overcoat.

Alcarōh in a new form:
Alcarōh comes to be at the top fashion trends for Fall 2012 but appears in the models are distinct and different from the New Style Alcarōh known. And submitted several fashion houses including Donna Karan in Kadrjian long in its design combines the form of tonic and shawl, Karōh multi-colored, and ends Bashraship, and the tip of an unequal lengths.

The model appears similar to the former Michele Offers Course this week, in a long-sleeved long Kadregan also Karōh red in the black.

In a series Alcarōh Ralph Lauren came in fashion, including multi-wool trousers Pkarōh average.

Animal skin patterns:
And continue to cry patterns inspired by the skin of the animal until the autumn season 2012, has appeared in many different forms of presentations. What came of fashion in an innovative way, where the designer did not adhere to the traditional form of inscriptions, as in this knitted dress from DKNY decorated with leopard skin in different sizes colors gray and black, the paint-to-head with Tiger from the front.

In the same innovative approach, the House Edun performances in several models of animal skin decorated with overlapping of the evening dress of chiffon and Alawrzinza varying decorated with silver and black zebra skin

And multi-colored dress decorated with leopard skin trout. The dress bold colors, blue, bright Calfochea carvings snakeskin.

The return of hats:
It was noted in Offers Fashion Week in New York, the return of hats again. There were many fashion models wearing bold hats Bmodellat barely cover the face of this large hat of fur in fashion show of course Michelle.

A classical model of elegant hats has also appeared in a fashion Michelle course, in a fur hat in black and copper, with a black sleeveless dress of the evening.

The most hats are designed as in this fur hat of black fur fashion show Rachel Zoe in a bold contemporary of Locke Taor Trikur Page, and a long bout of skin color Alhavan, and a big bag dark green skin.

And the others are such Bstyl Casual hat of black fur industrial italics dark green, unequal parties.

Elegance of a classic:
It features the classic fashion back in the fashion autumn 2012, in the classic collar dresses, whether for a day or evening, Qvistan Derek Lam leather and cloth in black and white for the day. In this Lok for the evening of Nanette Lepore.


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