Before the start of the spring season actually, it can be said that this season abuzz with lively activity will not be like any previous spring season. Where he presented many of the fashion house global fashion groups draw and define fashion in this season of 2012 and seems at first glance it is not infinite and very diversity which allows each girl to look like every day is completely different. Among the international fashion houses made of spring collections, house Oscar de Arndta world famous. The group came very Bmodellat fashion diversity and boldness. In this issue, we review the most important statement in this group of cries and colors for Spring 2012.

White .. Crown of spring:

Models began to appear in white in the group which has been repeated in a clear and came in several different models, including a short dress thin, defined waist, and slot Bhmalat square neck, and embroidered Ballasé.

And reiterates the white dress in the model other than the familiar and the daring of the component pieces, a short jacket with long sleeves decorated with fur, and the dress of cotton embroidered and decorated Baldantil, tail end up unequal lengths in the form of triangles.

In line with the Fashion bilateral white and black, which began back strongly again to fashion the day and evening, which featured the stars at the Golden Globe, which included a group Oscar de Arndta several models of these bilateral classic in different forms, including the dress comes designed the entire Allasé of two pieces, jacket black long sleeves, collar-shaped cornice, and a long sleeveless dress white identifies the body and then descending to the knee and wide.

And you will find two black and white dress differently in the evening last, Bmodel distinctive short, without sleeves, and comes from Allasé designed and lace in the form of units of plant starts in black and white at the tail end of the dress.

These show bilateral differently in the last Lok, as a fashion model wearing a short white dress designed in the form of a small cornice, and comes in black in accessories and shoes that necklace adorned with a black butterfly.

New models in the fashion of planned:
Range from fashion collection Oscar de Arndta the spring 2012 season in a dazzling, where you will find next to the fashion and Gentlemen, embroidered and decorated with flowers, fashion and other planned but are completely new. The lines came in the form of a tapered tip end pens and varying one color or two colors like this dress for a day slave varying beige, gray and ivory.

Show the same set of colors in the dress and last but Bmodel different, without sleeves, designer of the crepe, a specific skin color waist belt Alhavan bright, and descending in the form of a broad Klosh.

In Locke's bold, featured one of the models you plan a long dress, colors and degrees of gray, beige and ivory, and adorned with silk scarf and bright colors, red flowers on an ivory background!! Wore earrings in the form of the bar red flower.

One of the most models that drew Atbah attendance at the planned fashion dress in bright colors (green and phosphoric degrees), without sleeves, specific to the body, with a scarf of the same form of dress, but Plessis, and a leather belt vacuum.

Explicit appearance of the colors bold:
In line with the latest fashion trends in colors - the colors and grades explicit phosphorous - group included Oscar de Arndta for Spring 2012, many of these fashion colors. Including pillow comes in one color such a short dress in yellow bright.

Including what comes in several colors like the look of the component pieces, Kajit short of lace, yellow collar in the form of cornice, and plaid skirt with white flowers yellow.

The fashion of some vegetable carvings overlapping and multi-colored dress, like yellow, blue, bright phosphoric.
Here are more daring Models Group ..


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