Make-up of syphilis group address Dlucci House & Gabbana new spring, which depends mainly on the bright pastel colors and bright Kalozark, green and yellow. With the group name "Bouquet" because it is more like a spring bouquet of flowers colored and really help you to get rich Tallet basket of energy and vitality

Elk was the most important thing in the group

Four under the eyelids Bouquet Eye Color Quad

This wonderful package containing four distinct colors are bright green, blue, gold grains Rose and violet.
Registry to identify a rich Bouquet Crayon Intense Eyeliner

Available colors of gray and purple, and Rose, yellow, green and blue

Lip Gloss Bouquet Lip Gloss
This composition is characterized by polished smooth and gives your lips moistened swab bright distinctive colors and available Rose and berries and light brown and violet

Manicure Bouquet Nail Lacque

Distinct combination remains bright on the nail for a long time, available colors, no lemon (60) and mint number (70) and navy blue number (75) and yellow number (80) and pink number (102) and purple number (107)


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