Some women are in a big mistake when they neglect their appearance due to pregnancy and motivated by the idea that they are all nine months and everything goes back to its previous status. But fashion experts Ansahunha interesting appearance of a girl like they used to, but are advised to double some interest because of its positive impact on their health and psychological well because it will help them to control their weight and not over-eat on the grounds of pregnancy. In this topic, we will know some of the points that you enjoy the Mraatha to look at pregnancy check at all times

In the first months of pregnancy does not show significant change on the posture, only a few pounds overweight. So, do not hasten to buy clothes, pregnancy, and prefer to wear your clothes I used to normal wear does not change your style so quickly so as not to Tji in front of you is still nine months.

Dresses in the form of T-shirts or in the form of letter A is best suited to you with the start of the growth of the fetus and the large size of the abdomen. Kesteil you can rely on to work for a period of the day.

And not only audio and models that you carefully selected, as well as raw materials which should preferably be comfortable and draped over the body easily and Kaljersi soft cotton. 



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