Stars of the world stood at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival with the latest fashion trends .. See pictures that appeared the most beautiful dresses.

  • Starred actress Diana Kruger wear them dress of chiffon, light green too "a degree of Bastille" which featured soft and feminine, a tyrant more dresses that drew the attention of everyone in the party and won their admiration.
  • The Eva Longoria is star famous American series (Desperate Housewives) or (Desperate Housewives) has emerged a long beige dress by the overlapping lines of silver gave a luster and elegance of the dress dazzles everyone. 
  •  Opted for international artist Lana Del Rey to wear a dress of black cloth made of silk dress, a long narrow at the waist and descending to the bottom of the widening. And I looked for the bright star, elegant in black, which is the color of the most elegant in evening dresses over the ages.
  • French artist Virginia appeared to Adwin in turquoise-form design of the creative artist Elie Saab which is made of silk, chiffon and was of the most beautiful dresses, which overlooked the stars at the opening of the festival.
  •  Dress to attract a lot of Bernice Peugeot attendance at the Festival where she was radiant chiffon dress in red known for it lends elegance, making it appear more feminine and beautiful. 


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