Provides expert cosmetic nights a special recipe for oily skin to get rid of sebaceous secretions, which often complain of the owners of oily skin , she says a national era of paper mint green with the addition of two tablespoons of rose water in order to facilitate the process of the times, then take him to 4 tablespoons and add them to 3 points juice of a lemon and a little salt, whites of two eggs with, and we mix these ingredients well.

She adds: You must ensure the cleanliness of the face before using the mask with warm water, and we distribute the mask on all the face and leave to dry and then we wash face with warm water, then pass a piece of cotton by the glycerin means to keep the skin and moisturizing, and is used this mask two consecutive days and then prevents the use two more days, and begin to repeat the process two days in a row after them and stop for two days, and when we start to feel better in reducing the use, this mask is used also in the elimination of grain that appear in oily skin .


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