International fashion houses are racing to make their collections for spring 2012 season Bmodellat highlights the cries of the season in addition to the desire of some in the renewal and innovation Vtgd follow-up girl of fashion in different directions with each designer and in each group. The house of Louis Vuitton French Baalamth distinctive LV-honored one of the most fashion houses, which summarize the meaning of elegance and quality, which lasts since its inception in 1854 until now up to date with changes in time and the requirements of the girl in various stages of age.

The group came to the spring 2012 fashion dresses Bmodellat very diversity. In this issue, we review the highlights of the most beautiful and came in this group of models and colors.


Famous house Louis Vuitton and distinctive elegance that lies in the In Model materials which are often luxurious. So, come Modellath suitable for the afternoon and Hangouts romance rather than to work or normal Cobinj or hiking.

Hill embroidered .. Elegance like no other:

Embroidered the hill of the most important and thinner brought by Spring 2012 from the cries of dresses. The mound was used before but it disappeared from the world of fashion for a while and then reappear here is strong, but fits in a new era. The group included Louis Vuitton fashion many of the dresses, which enters the hill in their design Kzacharv comes as a class or external to the entire dress. Where find more in this dress, the designer of the hill and Allasé embroidered in white.

The varied colors of the hill include quiet colors and such a bright color dress slave Alsimmon, consisting of two layers, Lasse shaped flowers in white, turquoise, and bright above the hill.

The models new innovative made by the designers Louis Vuitton in this style, came Bstyl combines the dress and Altaor, where the design model Altaor of ores dresses and hill embroidered like the look, consisting of blouse Lasse short sleeves and above the hill with long sleeves with a short skirt

And repeated the same style in other model but painted bright yellow and white, and comes from a component sleeveless blouse, embellished with lace fitness of a short skirt.

Flowers embroidered group title:

The delivered an overview of the group you'll notice the direction of Louis Vuitton fashion for the female kind, with a focus on the details and finishes that highlight the beauty of every girl. The most prominent decorative embroidery and flowers that are almost devoid of any model in the group. The flowers come in different forms, either three-dimensional embroidery Allasé as we have seen in previous models. Or be a circle as we see in this white dress Bmodelh Featured, chiffon, and the hill, and comes from the front in the form of flowers and floral circle.

And Style flowers show the same circle in the last Lok, Taor blue, consisting of a short jacket of satin hollow-shaped flowers and a large padded silk white, and fitness of the lace and the skirt in the same design, but smaller flowers.

In other models, comes the flowers as the background as we see in this dress, consisting of two layers of satin embroidered with flowers painted in ivory and it Tel masters in yellow.

One of the most beautiful and distinctive models, the look of this component of the thin white blouse in the same quantity and collar embroidered Ballasé, and specific waist skirt, hanging two layers of large white flowers and painted turquoise phosphoric hill

In other fashion models, find flowers in the same fabric as we see in this the look on the model of a short jacket and blue skirt, designer satin embossed with flowers much of the same bright color, which adds to the shining look.

Bright colors for a bright appearance:

In line with the latest fashion colors in neon, Tota some models the whole one of these colors like bright yellow Altaor, composed of a short jacket boxes, white blouse with collar embroidered with flowers, and a wide skirt.
 Repeated a similar model but without the boxes in the Taor green.


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