Summarizes the house Miu Miu many of the meanings of elegance you are looking for every girl within the template to fashion a different day and evening. Here are some of sandals to offer in the evening for the spring season.

Sandal golden Alsoareh the basics of lock that fits all the colors and it comes on top of fashion for spring evening. Here are this sandal strap-shaped embroidered sequined T even in the heel

The red colors of your Soarehat spring of 2012 and you can wear red dress with sandals and accessories the same color gold or silver or black. Here are this sandal slave multi-belt of chamois.

Finally, the sandal comes thinner in the group painted bright turquoise specified in black, and the heel and sole. Silver. You can dress worn with a white Swaraih Handbag Turquoise and silver accessories.


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