Coinciding with the release of Part IV of the movie "Spider-Man," which will come titled "The Amazing Spider-Man", the house decided to launch a range of new OPI nail polish colors inspired by this film, which left a large footprint in various parts of the world over the previous years.

Where the group comes in the same colors of the characters and elements of the film Valozark and red, for example, Mstouhaan of the personality of "Spider-Man" The orange is thus expressed the heroine, in addition to the three other colors taken from the metallic composition of other elements in the film.

Here are the six colors, which you can choose from once the descent of the group formally:

  1. Pink dark brownish-red as "Your Web or Mine?"
  2. Blessed with Lilly as "Into the Night"
  3. Dark orange as "Call Me Gwen-ever"
  4. Green Gold as "Just Spotted the Lizard"
  5. White as "My Boyfriend Scales Walls".
  6. Dark gray italics Silver "Number One Nemesis" 

    This group will be released officially in May, before the descent of the movie to display the entire month of film where the film will be launched officially at the end of June.


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