Every woman looking for more of the beauty even if she is beautiful ..
There are many methods and simple tricks that will help you to increase the element of beauty in Taltk which overlooked a lot of women .. 
Try to experience in line with you and you'll notice the result

First trick:
 More lashes highlighting the beauty of the face that always Take care of it to be intensified through the castor oil every day to night with the use of powder on the lashes before applying mascara or false eyelashes more than use of the appeal

Second trick:
Care of the beauty of your nails and nail polish colors, fashion and work of the refrigerant (try the box design) and if you prolong it difficult nails Use a borrowed

Third trick:
Make your skin dewy skin is always where parity is the youth, because with age the skin tends to be dry, so avoid powder, and instead choose a liquid foundation and powder, creamy cheeks

Fourth trick
Take care of your teeth Bouapad much whiter your teeth more you smile the more beautiful and becoming in the pompous Spot .. Use a lemon on your teeth and charcoal brush teeth and rinse to get the teeth whiter than white

The trick fifth
Lips for a brighter and more attractive, add honey before going to your appointment and leave two hours until the deadline and then rinse

The trick sixth
When you put your focus on the make-up give the highlighted area in your face and make-up Eased in the region that shows any defect and the national development of the degree of the dark

The trick seventh
Thick over the brow of beauty, but the high-brow than your age .. Try to make Hajpk thick in proportion to your profiles and bitch about the high-brow too because it gives you more years on your age
Try these tricks to make you beautiful things are always simple, but your beauty stand out more clearly.


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