Beauty is a feeling .. Is a sense of .. Is something that comes from within. Sometimes go hours at beauty salons, and hours in the selection of appropriate clothing and footwear, and hours in front of the mirror, and in the end of the day do not feel that we are beautiful. Standing in front of the mirror Ttaji yourself and everything you see is the one big nose or those pills on the cheeks or that curly hair .. Oh! Often Tqarnin Balakharc yourself - Oh if I had her hair! Or if I had a thin skin! Oh if I had the color of her eyes, I would very beauty.
 So remember - If you feel your beauty and not appreciated by others Tqdre of course - but you will not see your beauty will not enjoy the it. One of us is not full, but in all of us internal or external beauty. We will give you here are some tips that will make you can afford and the other for beauty and feeling strengthened by:
First, the most important step is the self-confidence. To strengthen your confidence in the intellectual beauty the most beautiful thing in your body .. Is it the eyes? Lips? Sadr? Legs? Waist? Or maybe the hair? Do not be harsh with yourself. Think and try until you reach a decision. Maybe you decide that you all your beautiful, or that the eyes of the most beautiful eyes I've seen in your life! Be generous with yourself, you deserve appreciation and admiration. Now there are people like you and your beauty is you! Not Tqlli of the importance of this step is the secret of a sense of self-confidence and not to reduce the value of the self which is usually reflected negatively on the others look to us.
Second: No Tantkadi yourself in front of others. Beware of statements such as: What is the biggest nose! My hair is ugly too! How much are you lucky Bergelk, I'm ashamed to show my legs!
Third, a national body to remove hair permanently until you feel your skin gently and use a moisturizing creams.

Fourth: Wear underwear beautiful and attractive colors and a variety of red and violet, and others.

Fifth: Keep your hair and your nails all the time, so arranged that were not theater or dyed or marked. Less of what you can do is to arrange your hair and cut your nails.
Sixth: Take care of Bgmaik and eat healthy foods Hence a major role in the protection of the skin and improve mental health.


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