Many women suffer from excess hair growth in areas that do not want the appearance, very concerned Vtsab associated with mental disorders disturbing, in addition to what ails this to remove excess hair until you get to look beautiful and smooth skin free of hair .

The women who suffer from excessive growth of excess hair on the body see a specialist to determine the cause of this problem, Changes and hormonal Alanflat psychological and the use of some products work on the growth of unwanted hair, as well as to the existence of genetic factors and factors related to the environment of residential areas are hot cause excessive hair growth, The causes are taking certain medications that the emergence of therapeutic excess hair ..

To mitigate the appearance of hair on the body naturally to you some of the mixtures useful in this regard ..

- Soak 100 grams of bitter lupine ground in a liter of warm water for a full day and then wiped out his national Grease and water resulting from the marinade areas that want to reduce the growth of hair on a daily basis and will show the results after three weeks.

- Use olive oil to natural areas that would like not to overload the appearance of hair and remove it after the first and will continue on that day will ease the olive oil and delay the growth of excess hair.

- Mix equal amount of starch and rose water and lemon Grease and its region, which appears after the excess hair removed.

- Dress mixing lemon juice to a full and two tablespoons of rose water and two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of oil of bitter almonds and two tablespoons of oil and glycerin Grease a thin layer of mixture on areas that do not want the appearance of excess hair in it.

- Work through a paste of coarse salt and olive oil and lemon juice and add to it perfumed oil and massage the areas you like to ease the growth of excess hair in a circular motion to remove it after.

- Bring a slice of fresh ginger and rub the area that want to ease after the appearance of hair removed.
Have you tried one of these natural mixtures? .. 
Do you have a natural blends proven to reduce the appearance of hair on the body?


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