What happens under the covers at night ...??
In the middle of the night .. When calm prevails .. Dim the lights .. When you enter her room .. And lie down on her bed ..
Why do girls ...?? Tvkrn and what ...?? Is Akhaldn to sleep soon ...?

I do not think that girls under the covers different from what it looks like there Injured .. 
Allowahma .. Lover .. Disadvantaged .. Ambitious ..

Sleep is always wet and masters .. tears standing on the ruins of the past sometimes smile to remember the good old days, weeping bitterly to remember the time of parting lives Lake deadly they are not sure of her feelings and the feelings of her killer ..... Do you truly love her ... or conned you are loved ... Tohmt love or get lost in perplexity that Agelbha sleep a sitter and masters and silenced Ahatha

They deceived in most cases Ttantzer middle of the night ... and longer hours and minutes ... talk to her boyfriend or her boyfriend is named as a happy cheerful as you hear the words of love or love lies, fear of separation ... afraid to divulge the secret of their relationship and is only days and become wounded
Deprived of the husband's tenderness and love always surprised!! How to shift from person to person affectionate than cruel people improvise most beautiful words in love ... to someone who only knows the words of wishes before sleeping tormented and tired at the beginning of change, but they get used to it eventually

HE whole days ... I do not smile ... Tfariqha hear the most beautiful words of love and love leads to the most beautiful songs and beautiful gifts and flowers remain drawn and adopted her kingdom in the future and to enter into this kingdom find mirage turning from girl to girl deprived Ashqh

May hold its thought things hereafter Vtgdaa Accounting for themselves or a rosary and a Mstgverh to the Lord or occupied by worldly things Vtgdaa draw and build their future professional this class of girls trying to not be of the class Allowahm so as not to end up to be wounded and wishes to be Ashqh but is afraid to become deprived .

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