The house of Versace, the world of the most fashion houses that await each new girls in each season, both in the daytime fashion or fashion or haute couture evening. Besides models Versace distinctive and innovative, also known Ozaaah a high degree of quality where it is designed from the finest raw materials. In this issue, we review one of the presentations made by Versace haute couture fashion for this season, Spring 2012

Luke quiet evening colors:
If you look on the set you'll notice a general division of Versace designers in combinations of colors, and models vary in each group from the second. The show began conciliator painted light gray italics in several dresses, including this short length of the dress above the knee, the designer of cloth embroidered with flowers in the form of overlapping, without sleeves, adorned the chest slot fold from the same cloth with crumbs on both sides

It is silk and chiffon embroidered, painted in a long dress you conciliator italics gray sleeveless, Bmodel specific for the body and gradually descending and wide, making it suitable for long graceful strength just is not suitable for her strength of pear or apple

It is noted that many of the models in dresses designed group of several types of fabrics like satin lining of the dress, chiffon and Allasé in the form of three-dimensional flowers.

It is unusual models that have appeared in a conciliator dresses, what comes in the form of Korsé descending upon the dress raw materials in such a transparent dress with long sleeves, a specific body, Korsé of the same color satin chiffon with embroidered flowers overlapping circle.

This shows clearly in the style dress last Sleeveless, Satin Korsé of Aceh and transparent.

Colors to express a bold appearance in the evening
As usual, spring fashion, there must be a strong presence of color in each group. But come the spring of 2012 adds several new colors for the wardrobe of every girl on her head explicit colors and grades phosphorous or neon. In line with this bold cry, which included dresses of these colors like this bright yellow dress without sleeves, designer of cloth embroidered with flowers intertwined in the same color.

In addition to yellow, which included the group dresses in green bubblegum, including this dress designer satin, Bmodel wonderful designer of the leaf, where comes the dress embroidered with beads in the form of veins of palm leaf, without sleeves, shoulder and one strap wide, and opening a long from the front.

The degree of quiet a bit of green, here's a dress Bmodel innovative component of the top of chiffon embroidered with flowers, and long skirt a specific slot of the body from the front and embellished styles in the form of arches

One of the most daring colors that appeared in this group, glaring orange color of the red slash one of the most cries of fashion colors for this spring that appeared in the fashion and casual day and night alike. This needs color when you wear it to be cautious because it shows any stress in the eye or wilting in the skin it is better to wear and you are in good health because the aura generated by the color make you the focus of attention. The Orange came in red italics Fstanin in the Versace Group, of which this short dress one shoulder is decorated with golden Bxssoar shoulder and one of the last cries of a fallen Alsoareh dresses for Spring 2012

Although this color does not need any accessories for the bright side, the designers wanted to make Luke Versace Evening bolder by adding accessories like a gold dress, dresses for the back hatch was open and decorated with ribbons round gold. And color ranging from dark orange to bright light at the bottom of the dress.

Gold for the evening  
The group included dresses in gold oxidized Bmodellat different.


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