Focus on women gem that boasts natural beauty and what a wonderful show. Yes, she loves to keep up with fashion, but choose from the catwalk as possible to wear it in everyday life only. We offer you the five most popular models in the fashion make-up for the season Spring / Summer 2012 is inspired by the fashion shows with

1 - Bushy Brow
Forget the eyebrows arched high and 8 and in the form of intellectual Eyebrows dense and full of combed and eyebrows like Brooke Shields. Spring / Summer 2012, fashion shows focused on this noisy fashion to give the models a chance to say goodbye to pain waxing and enjoy a natural Hawwajbehn. No need to worry if your eyebrows were not full of nature, because several eyebrows make miracles draw the appropriate form. But disaster struck, if you choose a color darker than the color of natural Hajpk because it would seem like a tattoo.
Expert beauty advice Adeline: You must fit your face with eyebrows. If you were not fit your face and go to an expert to get the appropriate painting. Rarely choose to color your hair and eyebrows is not a color you would like it because the difference would be obvious. If you dyed your hair color light Esbga eyebrows as well. Buy Mascara for eyebrows is my favorite. They are great to lighten or darken the eyebrows because the composition of the gel which is evidenced in his place. Choose one to suit your hair color hair color unitive

2 - stained lips
These were not only popular fashion last year but continued to dominated this season as well. Appearance of blemished and dry is a great way to put lipstick color compared to dark or flagrant that many may be considered bold for some. They will not go away easily because they are not adhesive or sticky and you can control the strength of color and this is what gives lips stained with additional strengths.
Expert beauty advice Adeline: If the lips Nashvtin coming to Peel. Most of the time when we put make-up leave the lips of the other. Therefore advised to place the rain lips first before make-up than at the time Atreha Tnhen the makeup and makes them moist and lusciaus

3 - bold eyeliner eyes
Eyes set was the most important thing featured in fashion shows for Spring / Summer 2012, with a lot of diversification in the paint kohl in every fashion show. Of classical painting (Cayenne and not) to planning (Jonathan Soders), we find something that fits all, but stick to what suits you more.
Expert beauty advice Adeline: Draw a black eye gives the appearance of Pussy (cat eyes). Pussy Vsmh eyes make the eyes seem closer Almtbaeidtin

4 - a touch of cheek Alglos
The impact that leaves Glos cheeks unparalleled transparent because it leaves the skin soft and bright and radiate from the inside. Does not seem to Nira and your face refreshed, but only seems also more youthful. Glos cheeks looked like a carved and etched on the face of models in fashion show for designer Vivienne Westwood for Spring / Summer 2012, all models have shown not only in color feet bare Ba Another thing striking color. You can experience this fashion, but without putting a lot of colors and get the same effect.
Expert beauty advice Adeline: Use color to the cheeks has a gloss or gloss cheeks because the need for it. Not Tbtzma never have developed. You must wear the color towards the top near the eyes, not down. We recommend you always put color on your cheeks if you enjoy the cheek bones or not. This brightness will draw the vicinity of the eye and the face to give effect tight. Put some color on the tip of your nose, cheeks and chin and the middle of the forehead

5 - metallic colors
Metal eyes lit soft glow golden or silver is the easiest way to update your look and taken from an ordinary girl to a beautiful panoramic. Overshadowed by the scenes of metallic colors Offers Zayae the 12 for the season spring / summer of 2012, such as Emilio Pucci and Just Cavalli, Moschino and others to highlight the mineral Alardhat fashion proudly.
Expert beauty advice Adeline: When do you use metallic colors on the lower lashes of the eye was keen to be close to the eyelash line. If you put it in a very low Stbidin like you are not growing for weeks and will grow every fine lines and makes it look worse


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