Often require women to wear high heels even if it was causing her trouble for example, if called you a friend to spend an evening, you can no longer meet the call without the presence of a pair of high heels is not permissible to spend the evening shoe sports for example, or shoes as usual.
Some of the women also have a sensitivity to this type of footwear may cause them to narrow in many cases.
Large species may be more appropriate, but not be elegant or required by the ladies so many of them seeking to wear high heels because they are attractive and draws the attention of others regardless of the damage.
Therefore, we asked you some shoe experts and lovers of high heels on how to feel comfortable then do, when to wear shoes with high heels thigh advice.
(1) Focus on the structure:
Strong footwear is also the most comfortable shoes you say that an expert and owner of Urban Darling Ms. Corinne Phipps and tell us also that we should not have to pay our money in the 
shoes fragile as they are not high-capacity when you walk by.

(2) platform for your feet:
Phipps says in all cases, you will need to add some methods to these high boots to rest your legs, such as the so-called platforms


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