Sunglasses accessories for use by Eve to increase their attractiveness and elegance, but it is also useful to the eye as to protect them from dust and the sun and keep the eyelids from sun's harmful rays that cause dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles at an early age so they are one of the most important accessories that must be acquired.

One of the most popular shapes are rectangular and oval and square and round frames and drawn with a very high or a very broad fashion.
There were new forms, such as glasses that resemble diving glasses and other glasses frame in the form of the heart, in addition to the Alastrs and cut crystal patterns are also very popular on the frame.
As for the colors appeared Kalocefr new colors, red, milky, gray and white, and blue pink and violet colors Two new understanding of the very enter the world of sun glasses.
Not only color on the frame, even colored lenses have become in some models instead of the usual black and also returned in the color gradient lenses.



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