Women need to learn about fashion and fashion lines every year to bring more elegance to its appearance. So we give you some lessons learned from Stylat Hollywood:

- Must not be devoid of the closet a short black jacket, as it gives more of elegance and fits all Alstlaalat and colors, as did actress Emma Roberts, where she wears a short black jacket with a short dress also gave a great look, try and get a style you like.

- Combining more than one style with classic casual wear such as "Simi Casual" will always be a symbol of elegance over the years. You choose what suits you best from the different Styles and find out how to link them. In this style worn by actress Anna Lynn McCord Alonavh show but ill choose the right shoe, where he was able to wear shoes more simple to fit with all times during the day or night.

- Most girls prefer to wear casual because it is easy and practical as they prefer to wear a ballerina instead of high heels for ease of movement, but you must wear clothes that make more feminine from time to time. Try to dress the acquisition of soft silk or satin and wearing open sandals high heel ever more of elegance and femininity as wore the star Rosie Huntington

 - Bold analysis does not afraid of wearing a black jacket with a classic pair of jeans in the events and some accessories, shoes and bag Swaraih long classic style such as that worn by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which impressed both by the presence at the ceremon


- If you want a comfortable Style elegant at the same time try wearing a pair of jeans and casual jacket with a ballerina for ease of movement, as did actress Lana Del Ray Skin Look and observe simplicity and elegance meet together in one Style.

- The white color of the most beautiful colors and soft, always try its procurement is suitable for all Styles and colors. This photo shining star Bella Thorne in white trousers and where wearing sandals with an open top of the green, try the white in your pants and your favorite colors go with him and will feel elegant and beautiful. 


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