The recent influx of events starting with the stunning red carpet of the Oscars all the way to the Golden Globe Awards in a storm left the world of fashion as the celebrities with their enchantments Otaloa wearing long dresses and exciting tail dragging on the ground and breathtaking hairstyles and jewelery complete the nominations and awards. But before the storm to subside this fashion jewel offers you popular hairstyles of the celebrity-inspired hair to enhance your confidence automatically and give you a new look befitting a star.

1 - Back straight forelock
Straight forelock remember immortal beauty, such as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra and living legend Cher, it is hardly new, but it retains classic appeal every time they appear in the foreground. This is known as a fledgling fit the faces that have a prominent jaw bones or to cover the broad forehead, straight forelock has returned strongly to the scene this year with Rose Byrne and Taylor Swift on the red carpet. And adopted as Felicity Jones and Zoe Dcakil and Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie hairstyles similar but each one she touched her own. How has loved Katie Holmes stunned everyone Ptsrihtha new and Pegrtha equal parties that up to the eyebrows, that looked luscious and smooth as usual.
Tip: no matter how it looked easy, go to a hairdresser for a professional fact-Grtk because it must fit your face perfectly and hide flaws. Valgrh intermittent and acute and progressive parties on both sides look very feminine, and the forelock of straight may seem bold and polished. What do you think salon visit VOG Color Your Life, which recently opened in the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah

2 - Retro hairstyle Ritro
Penelope Cruz took away our hearts Batalaltha on the red carpet for the Academy Awards this month with Tamoajat in the hair style that looked interesting Ritro with stunning. But as exciting and full of singer Adele, which brought a sense of revolution Ritro hairstyle with her hair and glittering Tamoajath Ritro is no doubt that remains. Tamoajat Messi also hair on the side Pyle looked just like a great touch added by the new Angelina Jolie on the traditional Ritro Tamoajat with light that seemed natural and non-theater.
Tip: You can shine your hair just like Pettmwegat celebrities no matter what the length of the hair. Try the big hair rollers if you want to get this hairstyle at home and do not forget the hair pin on the front (along the cheek directly) to give Tamoajh classic. Is best carried out on damp hair and leave to dry alone

3 - the difference from the middle
Celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Miranda Kerr and fashion shows gave this hairstyle inspired by the seventies tough character. Do teams from the center is very easy and looks great with hair loose or even with the low-cake. If your hair is very curly Taatoukan to try this hairstyle you can Alastaih hairstyle of Kelly Rowland at the Grammy Awards with her hair too long and when the African curly and looked great excitement.
Tip: Since the corrugations popular this season, you can create a hairdo daily Btgdel hair wet and dry after the jaws and passed between your fingers Tadhafa tufts of some size. You can use the hair on the treated limb to add some movement. Use a styling mousse and hair flying to Serum for hair neat.

4 - the contract filed
Let's face it, not everyone can deal with the contract, especially if the perch at the top of your head. But when we look at Jennifer Lopez and Kim Cardashiyan how this made it an elegant hairdo node can not resist this fashionable appearance that is fit for a sleek appearance on the red carpet and look for all my days. There are lots of ways to do knot suits you and everything you need to do is to think of a graceful ballet dancer and is ready and however you've made will show the most beautiful Mizzatk.
Tip: Abdoa drying your hair and Arbtih too high for in the horse and the guilt of the Party at the top of the head relaxant used pins to be installed. If you do not like the back of the compact form you can drag a high tuft of hair from the side or from behind to get the appearance of the spectrum when Tlvin sure to leave your hair soft. Do not forget serum or generation to install your hair

5 - short hair
Caught the Katy Perry attention to revive the fashion short hair ((Bob Hair with her hair short pink or blue, but this time was the hairstyle reveals attractive and clear. And reared Cameron Diaz has short hair and smooth with the parties M_khaslh and theater to the outside while she Selena Gomez touch witch to this hairstyle which almost look real. miles Geoffovic shown the world how to enjoy the short hair sexy and attractive is consistent with the lipstick bold, while Jodie Foster has kept her hair smooth and elegant in the Golden Globe. This is what we call Baltsrihh easy.
Tip: Add magic to your hair short hair demobilize the parties to the inside of the forward and outward from behind. Add some volume to the hair at the top of the head Tfatta for all eyes to you. If you try a bold color high-tuft to add some vital but if you do not want to risk you can curl some hair tufts scattered Bmdjad. Think like Meg Ryan in the movie You've Got Mail, and well you fare in that for sure.


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