The Coolest Clothes for Summer

Contrary to what some people think that summer clothes means everything is open, short, or what is known as Pal «Mini», whether dress or skirt or «shorts», the dresses long «Almaksi», is the most suitable atmosphere of spring, summer, and reflects the spirit of the launch and recovery luxury resorts. This is not surprising that occupies this design since the seventies of the last century, the status is not shaken, but in a few times too, and fashion shows during which we followed in the fashion capitals Finally, the design will be with us long in the spring and summer of
2010, but would feel stronger

Says designer Alice Tamprli, known style, upscale, the young man, that dress long suit all places and times and looks great, whether worn by the woman bare feet or wearing a pair of sandals comfortable, shoe, and whether this was at a private party or at home or on the beach, it is as stresses: «formal and informal at the same time, especially since the dress is generally one of the easiest pieces that can be worn on all occasions .. But when you are the host, the «Almaksi» is the title of the process and comfort ».
You've no doubt noticed that the glow of this design did not fade this summer, will also not well known cast it in the coming years if the latest offers is the measure, despite all that has been said about the end of Fashion «Alboho», that is similar to a large extent Fashion «Almaksi». And of course beautiful in any fashion be repeated and remain with us for several seasons, we learn from our mistakes, and good at dealing with them over time. If the dresses or long skirts wide cleared the ground, worthy of vacations and resorts more for the westerners, by virtue of that erratic weather and rainy does not allow them to enjoy throughout the year, but that we can, by virtue of the environment of East and thanks to the warm weather in most cases, that the Bend today regular manner that combines elegance and starting at the same time, to benefit from them in all seasons except winter when the road muddy. Nsageha with a short jacket, design Albuliro, and if the jacket is light skin This is the best because it gives them a vital appearance.
Can also be coordinated with the short tight sweater, you can click the link below the chest «T - Shirts».
It is very important to have the upper part is a specific and widely on the basis that the skirt of this duty.
Do not beg you to yourself and wear them with heels medium height. On the other hand you can either worn with shoes «ballerina» without heel completely, or shoes with high skin design «Aleodj», and many of these designs and you can not Taktieha. Observe that the skin is preferred, because Aspdrell heels of cannabis may make you look «Laurel», any remnants of the seventies, especially in the workplace or in large cities. It is true that a long and hide a lot of your feet, but is not recommended under any circumstances, wear socks, either wool or nylon may appear of the shoe or sandal.
Thanks to its length, you may not need to care Bassakik a lot, but this does not mean your feet and not worry Ozvaarhama. This panoramic format with a large portfolio size may be the fashion of last year. This year, preferably coordinated with the medium-sized bag attached to the shoulder, or if you keep up with fashion more, you must hand-carry bag, such as Portfolio or «purse» Evening


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