Hair care

Hair half the beauty it is necessary to take care of it, whether the marriage or after.

These are some important tips that should start racing before marriage a long period and continuing in it until you hair is beautiful and attractive ....

- Attention to Bnzaftp wash with shampoo twice a week if dry or normal, if greasy enough "Four times a week.

- Do not over-wash and sufficiency drops of shampoo when you wash.

- Mastering the way of washing hair important so as not to lose hair sparkle and shine.

- Dimension as much as possible for Ala_i_oar and electric winders or women with acute headers.

- Cut the limbs of each month to rid yourself of the parties blurry.

- Work pools of oil twice a week.

- You almond oil is wonderful for the hair.

- If you want to dye your hair before marriage Esbgip enough time so that you can change it in case of non-relevance to you.

- Beware of combing the hair because the hair is soaked in this case is weak, which helps to hair loss.

- Keeping away from hot water when washing your hair and use lukewarm water.

- Reduce the use of chemicals and foam Kalgel and tints
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