Nail polish this fall madness
How do you place the nail in the manner the French?
It is essential that you bring your hands and nails thoroughly before that the authors paint. After a cold should be doing nails and processing of the coating process ...

First national peeling skin of the hands using a small amount of peeling cream body body scrub ... or by using an equal amount of salt and sugar with a tablespoon of olive oil and juice of one Lemon and Dlkehma well. Use water and Vera when rinsing and dried drying completely, because one of the reasons that make the skin of the hands prone to drought is not to dry up drying completely after washing them ... Put your hands on a layer of almond oil for nutrition and Tenaimanma, then two in a towel warm and Rest for 15 minutes. ... Wash your hands well from the effects of oil and thus be ready to hand paint process

If you find it difficult to paint your fingers in a French manicure, So try to used a white nail pencil under the nails party instead of white paint. That would be a lot easier

Way to develop long-lasting nail polish nail polish
Beirut / often you place a single layer of nail polish, is enough ..?, Experts say beauty you if you do not you place multiple layers of nail polish do not expect that last nail polish a lot, and you here are some ways to put nail polish on the layers to last very long .
1 - Dress your nails clean completely with soap and warm water, make sure to clean the bottom of the nail.
2 - Get Status of cream polyps and pay back if you need to do so.
3 - a national survey every nail material free of acetone to make sure not to scrape the natural oils of the nail.
4 - Dress shake tray Manicure vigorously for 30 seconds to ensure that the mixture is well mixed.
5 - Dress pull out and wipe the brush on the tip of the bottle, so you get a small amount of paint.
6 - Put nail polish flat strokes, start from the base of the nail and to the outside at the head of the nail.
7 - Put nail polish carefully to each nail.
8 - Let the paint dry completely, at least 15 minutes.
9 - Put a thin layer of nail polish on the paint dry.
10 - Allow the second layer to dry completely.
11 - Dress develop a third layer if you feel that this is necessary.
12 - Allow to dry fully the third layer.
13 - Put a layer of transparent nail polish to protect the Tonic scale and color of the break-u

Installation of nails


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