If you are a girls beginner in make-up and would like to learn the rules first and the foundations of make-up properly so that enhances your beauty and give your face Sunrise natural catching attention without appearing exaggerated, Follow the following tips from your site "howdini" in six basic steps will take you to only five minutes.

1 - Choose the Alibdabh Konsleyr even slightly lighter than your skin color and put a few drops of it on the dark areas of the face and the bottom of the eyes (to hide dark circles) on both sides of the nose and chin to hide the brown spots. Spread Alkoncelr finger of your hands gently until the skin is integrated.

2 - Put the foundation on your face by sponge allocated to it by pressing lightly on the face with full integration gently on the skin. Make sure when choosing a foundation degree that is similar to the color of your skin.

3 - Use a pen to determine the brow color similar to color your hair or open a bit, then Fill in the blanks by the hair and eyebrow brush Mhtih small so they look a specific way that enhances your beauty.

4 - Now, choose a pen to determine the dry eyes, and that drawing a line along the upper lashes from inside to outside direction. Make a line Smacaia small when the parties to give you your eyes look more attractive. Then flex your lashes to the highest bending tool eyelashes "curler" then put one layer of a light mascara. You can do without a tool bend the eyelashes in the case of non availability.

5 - Ogntek, choose Bleshr Crimea instead of powder because it will give you more natural-Luc. Even smile a little and then highlight the apple cheek Spread Albuleshr it with your finger in small circular movements.

6 - Put a layer of lipstick color that Trgbinh then put over it a touch of polished transparent to look full of shiny. Finally finished the makeup put a light layer of face powder to ensure that no runny makeup.

 You can follow the steps on the practical application of the following video:

Trace the issues with us in the next make-up methods, lessons Kmahtervan beauty of the most famous beauty experts in the world


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