Mango is the fashion houses that are waiting to be submitted by girls of fashion and Stylat new each season, is one of the most fashion houses that know very well what you want to wear trendy girl to look radiant in a new and distinctive. In this issue, we review the most important by the House of Mango in Winter 2012, fashion suit the work and the period of the day and the evening fashion suits and evening ..

Mango fashion process:

Included groups of mango on many models, fashion of a practical nature, where you will find the suit operation in various forms as we see a fashion model wearing a black suit with a full, planned, consisting of three pieces: pair is a large, fast aperture neck in the form of a letter V, and the jacket with two rows of buttons. With the bag of skin and shiny shoes Chamois They add a touch of femininity to the look of this practical hard.

As long as we talk about the look in practice they must find two basic black and white in the fashion process. Such a component of the look of a white silk blouse with long sleeves and bracelets folded satin neck and a wide slot in the form of a letter V, with black trousers scheme. Observe coordination between the black leather belt in gold chains and a handbag that comes in the same Style.

You will find the same Lok former fashion model, but added other leather jackets to bright short-sleeved long, with a large bag of chamois.

Allowance for the evening:

The group also included allowance for the evening of this suit, consisting of silk blouse and a wide neck opening and long sleeves, jacket with black sleeves and a pair of satin is widespread.

It is beautiful allowance provided by the mango, which you can wear at parties the official work in the evening, a suit consisting of jacket Oudido (short) of the velvet collar satin, with a pair of Street, and the blouse of the jersey gold-painted in black, with a belt scheme combines colors of golden and black handbag is small.

Here's another lock for the evening comes all in black, consisting of embroidered sequined jacket glossy black, and a pair of Street, and a silk blouse satin wide neck opening, a handbag dotted with silver beads and black belt in silver.

Elegant fashion the skin of the mango

In line with Fashion Fashion skin, which began back strongly in the winter season 2012, included a set Mango on a number of fashion with this Style of this the look that combines several raw materials, component of the pair of leather Stretch and jacket knitted from yarn black silver, and Top Black Metallic scheme of silk

The back of the skin in the last Lok component of a simple wool jacket, dark gray, belt high, with a short skirt, black leather

Dotted fashion:

Fashion is still dotted fashion that returned in 2011, continuing with us in the seasons of 2012, especially as it adds the most beautiful paper and femininity of the girl's appearance, whether in clothing or in the basic accessories. Mango has made this Theme in various forms in its collections for the winter of 2012, including the black chiffon blouse in a large white circles.

As well as a silk scarf in various sizes dotted black in white with a black suit

It is beautiful in his Mango Style dotted suit jacket made up of black and white dotted silk blouse in black, and a pair of small dots dotted with the same color.

Here is a simple dress Bmodel slave for the evening which combines Modta dotted and marigold.

The repeated binary black and white in the fashion presented by the dotted Mango dress in gorgeous chiffon.

Leopard skin patterns:

In line with the Fashion leopard skin, which comes on top of the winter of 2012 in the cries of fashion, accessories, provides several mango Stylat these inscriptions, including this evening from the look of the leopard-skin blouse decorated with black and gold, oxidized, and a short skirt.

One of the strangest and boldest fashion that came in this Style what we see on the bar of Luc consisting of: chiffon blouse and skirt, shoes and belt are all decorated with leopard skin in different forms

And repeated patterns in the leopard skin short dress for the evening of silk, but in black and gray jacket with fur.


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