In the last winter season, she appeared in a bold new fashion colors, whether in fashion, shoes, bags, an explicit color phosphorescent. In preparation for dominance in the spring of 2012, some fashion houses began to provide complete sets of such colors as we will see in the following group of shoes from the French house of Carven.
Add a touch of femininity to your look with this sandal designer of the slave Chamois painted lime green, or yellow slash of phosphoric. The sandal is open from the front and decorated with large Vyunch from behind. You can wear it with a light blue dress and a bag of the same color.
Models range from the group, where you will find simple practical design in the shoes of the skin dark orange open from the back and decorated Vyunch well. You can wear it with jeans or any Casual Style business suit or with a beige or brown.
Finally, this shoe comes from Chamois cone high heeled bright blue Pfyunch from behind. In order to seeing you with the latest fashion in the evening, I wear with the dress and accessories Vochea dark silver or crystal.


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