Magic and view, elegance and beauty and fashion .. Feature of the season festivals and award ceremonies, Golden Globe" 2012, has a glory Each representative in your choice of matching dresses, which Trdia role of the fashion world, making it a charming beauty, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British morning

According to the newspaper, the "Charlize Theron", which at the age of 36 years, which originated in South Africa, wore more dresses exciting, designed by fashion house world "Dior" and excelled her dress long white simplicity and elegance, and coordinated with the dress "sandals" white open a high heel, in came hairstyle simple with Crdoy brand of Bulgarian, and fitted dress terrain Theron graceful, and chose actress makeup bright, red lips, pink, and lit up the night, late night under the lights of the festival "Golden Globe", wherein she starred in one week in more than successful and charming views.

The "Daily Mail" that "Theron" is alternated in the gym, to exercise exercises fitness, diet, and to renew the beauty and lightness, elegance and beauty, who snatched Eyes Festival "Golden Globe" and involved "Theron" in festivals as a candidate for best actress for her role in the film "Young Adult" Young Adult.

And "Theron" is not only the star, which shone Pfstanha, but different colors, shapes and designs fashion houses, which reflected on the stars: Nicole Kidman, Elle McPherson, Kate Beckinsale.

Actress Nicole Kidman, who at the age of 42, chose her dress with white detail studded of the Global Brand, "Versace," The British actress Kate Beckinsale was wearing a dress designed by fashion house world, "Roberto Cavalli", while the starred Angelina Jolie Pfstanha White and Red design Fashion House "Versace," while dressed Jessica Biel dress designed by Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab, and wore an engagement ring, and starred "Piet" dress designed by Italian marc Jacobs, the American actress famous Reese Witherspoon was wearing a dress crimson tail of the fish, and reared actress Mexican of Lebanese origin Salma Hayek in black as usual, the king of color, and finally Madonna Pfstanha silver with a green skirt.


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