Interested in every woman and femininity Onaguenha, so do not need to own a small salon inside her home to take care of the beauty of her hair and her skin and change the hairstyle her hair every day.

If we talk about poetry in particular, must contain this salon on a core set of products and lotions, hair, maintaining the appearance of health all the time. Here's the most important:

1 - Moisturizer Hair

Of the first products which are indispensable at home is a hair moisturizer "Leave-in conditioner", which is placed on the hair after washing it to moisturize the hair and get rid of the complexity _khaslath as it is a foundational product for hair styling creams before you put it.

2 - Brush and comb the hair coarse wood

Brush bristles soft and combs of wood is one of the tools layering necessary to maintain healthy hair, this type of brushes helps to refine the hair and reduce Antvashh, while helping wooden comb to distribute oils from the scalp to the hair better and reduce the rate of hair loss and brittleness and be thinner and less painful on the scalp.

3 - oil, natural

Whether your hair is dry or oily or heavy or light is indispensable for the oil helps to nourish the scalp and the parties and protect it from Alantfash and tangles and gives him the brightest. Choose a kind of lubrication on the Broken hair, Astkhaddmah from time to time put several drops on the hair brush and then a national honorably discharged

4 - high quality thermal dryer

You also need to dryer heat "Hair Dryers" to Tstkhaddmah in the immediate drying of the hair, it is known that it is not advisable to leave hair wet for a long time. Look on the dryer brand of high quality, preferably equipped with a distributor of heat "diffuser" .. There are three types of nominee you hair experts are:

A - dryer H2PRO Ultra Light Nano Hi-Tech 2500 and the right supplier to the cool air are advised to run after the completion of the hair close to the outer layer of hair.

B - Dryer: Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000 Blow Dryer features a powerful motor and the voice of calm and friendly environment.

5 - Protective sprays of hair from the heat

If you are accustomed to the individual and styling your hair Balsehoar and irons, make sure to buy sprays and protective of the heat "Heat protectant spray" to Tdaah on your hair before styling the locks of your hair will protect it from excess heat effect of it.

6 - electric irons

Get round to get the hair-proportioned and Vd efficiently in the evenings and special events, Iron Buy a ceramic electric, it is easy to use, healthier hair and you can get an attractive wavy locks.

7 - Dry Shampoo

Many women do not teach the benefits of dry shampoo does not care about purchase, it is necessary to use alternative formulations for washing hair, he is working to absorb the oils secreted by the scalp and add density to hair. With his help, you do not need to wash your hair several times during the week to remove oils.

8 - circular brush

Alciecoar also brush tools should be available to any woman, and the degree of quality will control the final appearance in the beauty of your hair after styling. Choose a brush Alciecoar-tech roller, which will help you get the hair wavy or Vd as desired.

9 - shampoo and conditioner

Put in mind of course, choice of shampoo and conditioner with high quality and make sure they are suitable for your hair type. In case if your hair is soft, you can dispense with the use of shampoo and conditioner only.

10 - irons curly hair

If your hair is kind of relaxed all the time and would like to convert it to wavy hair you can buy irons curly hair the size of the rotated 1.5 inches or greater it will help you to get the ripples look natural and vibrant.

11 - Alasbri installer

Finally, Keep Basbri installed for use in the form of Tthbyt Tsfivtk daily, and you can do without it if the strength of your hair intact.


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