Nothing in the universe comparable to feel your beauty in the eyes of others, and if you would like to welcome the new year a new and distinct Block, think of eye shadow colors to be rich and lightning of the eyes and Kalozark Abannvshei Gather the tools and makeup and TCO Tlten us one of the following:

Blue eye makeup:

1 - for the preparation of blue makeup professionally, start, first create the eyelids develop skin cream foundation primer then put under the eyelids painted beige.

2 - Take a light green Jnzaria eyelids and put a touch of it at the inner part of the upper eyelid and then Ad.h swab from the shadow of the other gold.

3 - the eye with a brush, put the blue shadow on the rest of the eyelid and Ad.h shade with golden and green.

4 - Put the swab from the shadow of gold and copper bottom of the last third of the eye when internal and add a touch of blue color along the lower lashes.

5 - finished the makeup your eyes by wearing false eyelashes and then apply a thick layer of mascara.

6 - Place the completed Taltk Bleshr peach-colored tilted to my Lord and lip gloss in the same color.

Purple eye makeup

UV colors look stunning and attractive with all degrees of skin especially if combined with degrees of fuchsia pink and dark. It is also suitable for various times and occasions both formal and informal. Locke's eyes for the implementation of radiation Follow the following:

1 - Put the cream on the eyelid, and a constitutive Take a shadow and pink or violet, opening it and put it on the inner third of the upper eyelid.

2 - Put the violet dark shadow on the rest of the eyelid and Ad.h with light color.

3 - Put the colors in the same way on the lower eyelid with a mind to be light and along the lower lashes.

4 - Apply false eyelashes and then Draw a line Balaj black liner along the lash line to cover the lashes then apply mascara.


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