Nutrition plays a very important role in terms of skin health, Fathafez the freshness of the skin, hair and gives you a glowing face. Find out with the "Elaph" Ten types of food are the key to beauty in winter.

1 - Citrus
Citrus of all kinds (Alkelmentin, oranges and other citrus types) is the undisputed star of the winter they keep the integrity of the skin. Valviamin contained in C are necessary for the production of collagen, protein, which guarantees the freshness and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C also take part in mitigating the effects of skin scars and has the facts to counter fatigue.

2 - Water
Water is the best treatment for tired and dry skin. This statement may seem silly, but, in fact, there is no formula can replace water. They moisten the skin from the inside and contribute to the elimination of toxins. You can water consumption as is natural, or by eating Zhorat, green tea, soup .. Think also in fruits and vegetables, which contain very high percentages of water.

3 - milk (yogurt)
Bacteria in milk and in most dairy products regulate bowel movement and helps to regular discharge. Do not forget that the skin used to indicate gastrointestinal disorders and constipation.
Ensures strong bones milk because of its richness in calcium, as well as help in getting nails and teeth strong.

4 - islands
Recommended for the summer in order to get a bronze face, but it is useful Jaddas in winter. It is rich in beta carotene anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and delay aging. Islands help you get a beautiful face and bright even in the winter.

5 - eggs
Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E. Help get the eggs in the body limber so often it is entered in slimming diets, especially in winter. Eggs and fish, and dairy products strengthens the body from the inside and protects against viruses. Very important for a healthy body and hair as well. So we see a lot included in the combination of detergents and care products for hair.

6 - sunflower oil
Vegetable oils generally contain the essential fatty acids for the body and skin. It contains sunflower oil, especially a high content of vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidants known to its own properties in the fight against premature aging, by protecting cell membranes. It may be reason enough to put a little of it in the salad bowl of winter.

7 - Kiwi
Winter fruit that contribute to the beauty of the skin. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C two times more than oranges, they are enough to secure the required daily intake of this vitamin. If you want to protect your skin from aging, just daily consumption of kiwi. It also contributes in the fight against fatigue.

8 - Salmon
No special concerts without the presence of salmon, and this of course is good and very useful for your skin, because the salmon rich in omega 3, essential fatty acids and a high proportion of vitamin B. It is also useful to strengthen the hair, modify the secretions and protect it from precipitation, especially when the change of seasons.

9 - Oyster
Can not enumerate the benefits of sea shellfish, fruit on the skin generally. Valzenk which modifies the existing fatty secretions. The selenium is also frequently found in oysters fight free radicals and helps in getting rid of toxins and resist aging of the skin. So do not Tmra fruit dishes on the sea without taste!

10 - fatty livers or "Foix Gras"
Contains good fatty acids and vitamin A is very useful for the skin, which is called "retinol" in cosmetics. It gives the skin elasticity necessary, protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays and ensures the health of the skin in general. But do not consume large amounts of it if you want to maintain the body limber.

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