With the approaching spring season, a number of houses cosmetic carrier for international brands new sets of nail polish, all comes from colors and tastes of a variety of express personalities and different qualities of women some of which fit the girl's spontaneous or twitchy, and of which simulates thin quiet, some strengthen your love for renewal and fun.

Whether you Thspin yourself any of the previous personalities or not, surely you will find what passes for yourself and complete your style in this list the spring characteristic of the groups of nail polish.

Thin: Paint group Essie

Launched the House of Essie famous group spring wonderful colors pastel bright, inspired by a natural spring which is characterized by joy and radiance and vitality, give your fingertips a touch of feminine thin as include a color light green "pistachio" and Alkhokhi light and conciliator The granules bright, will not forget Issy women, who tend to be bolder adding the group's colors bright red, orange and bright mixed with silver to Alvochea Taatmtaa Block bright and attractive complement your style evenings in the spring

Confident: set channel

As we advance from the house of Chanel to provide the most beautiful and best all season, did not let you down this year and launched a small group of nail polish entitled Enamels designed for women confident that you know very well what you want for elegance, and how to get it.

The small group "Mini" includes three primary colors, each devoted to one of them given month of the spring months. Fallon is the first red berries which is dedicated for the month of April and the second is pink and is designed for the month of May, and finally orange color assigned to the month of June has been designed this group is designed to paint the British Lisa Aldridge. This group will be launched on the market in March and April next

RE: Group OPI

The famous brand OPI fired a wide range of nail polish with a list of 12 colors to suit all tastes and occasions, which is perfectly suited to a woman who loves innovation and change and not remain on the frequency and one for a long time. The group includes colors of chocolate brown and dark violet and dark green, and red italics Alvochea peachy and bright and light pink to bright green by blue italics and blue mixed with the silver and brown italics Lord and Albaznjani beige, orange and yellow italics

Dreamy: a Dior

House of Dior shine this spring, two new sets of nail polish, one limited version titled Garden Party includes two colors are green and the conciliator Albestaj pink and has a coating composition of the scent smell of flowers attractive Just put it on your fingertips you can inhale a breeze of spring flowers natural scent dreamy.

The other group of Dior Vtdm five rich colors and bolder innovation of German Anselm Reyle Alvochea Shining number includes 667 violet No. 687 and No. 904 black-dark gray granules a brilliant number 72 to the Blue pink number 606. The designer of these colors as accessories supplementing the Women's fashion akin such as shoe and accessory suitcase and neck and hands.

Humor: A collection of butter LONDON

For Women region lover of fun, try butter LONDON Paint group most fun at all, it includes five Alon is bright pink, green, rich and Aganzara Alvochea granules Algeletr bright and blue and olive shellfish Conqueror, which Lok granted fingertips full of vitality and joy

Mysterious: a set Zoya

Finally the famous brand Zoya is the other put a new set for this spring titled True "" includes six colors each dye comes a bright cyan, magenta and conciliator in addition to three rich colors are varying pastel green, sandy beige and khaki. This paint is specially formulated to dry quickly nails.


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