How to protect your hair and're maintaining a beautiful shiny without shelling during the winter, especially as a result your hair exposed to temperatures varying between a high temperature heating in the home as a result, dry and cold air outside?
Here are some simple steps that enable you to maintain your hair

1 - Wear Scarves, or headdress, taking into account the lack of pressure on your head firmly to maintain the activity of the vessels.
2 - Use a conditioner on a daily basis.
3 - Do not go out and wet your hair so your hair may display embrittlement due to cold weather.
4 - Try to limit the use of hair dryers with a high temperature as it affects the degree of hair thickness and health.
5 - Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water to prevent precipitation and embrittlement.
6 - preferred to use dry shampoo to wash hair shampoo substitute for the liquid.

Source: Jade Hare


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