Increasingly famous Lebanese designer world Elie Saab, year after year, season after season until he became a household name next to a major fashion house and international designers at concerts of international and international film festivals such as the Golden Globe last, where starred actress Jiyskia Bill in the dress gorgeous designed to draw attention to his paper and Onotth.Featuring Elie Saab models it is trying to highlight the beauty of strength with the addition of a thin feminine touches. In this issue we review the latest provided by the Elie Saab fashion in the evening for the season Spring 2012

Color groups:

If thrown a quick look at the group divided into groups, you'll notice the colors, which include the latest fashion trends in colors for 2012, an ivory or beige color with a touch of pink, and bright colors express Kalocefr and orange, and dark green, and blue.

Painted ivory dresses .. Paper and attractiveness:
Color is ivory or beige with a touch of light pink color of the most beautiful colors that have been developed in the fashion and comes on top of fashion colors fashion in the day and evening as well. For this you'll notice a strong presence in a Elie Saab Spring 2012, such Bmodel dress is very simple, slot closer to the neck-shaped V, and specific waist-high white leather belt adorned with ribbons and gold high. I wear with handbag embroidered with golden beads

And another short dress without sleeves simpler design makes it suitable for a day, with a short white jacket.

And some were painted ivory dresses Alsoareh uncommon in models as diverse as this dress is the long neck opening V-shaped and open from the front.

The last dress Bmodel thin chiffon, defined waist and a broad descending.

It is the most beautiful dresses that came in this color, short dress designed Allasé in the chest and crepe and descending a broad tail twined

Yellow color at the top of the spring cries of:

In line with the most up-fashion bold colors, which included a set of Elie Saab dresses in yellow Bdrjath bright and dark, some of which came Bmodellat combines simple elegance of the seventies and daring modern dress like the short, dark yellow neck opening is round and wide Btnorh Klosh. You can wear it during the day with a short jacket of white or ivory or black appearance of the bright appearance of the more classic.

It Soarehat fashion group in yellow dress embroidered with beads in the same bright yellow color, a long, specific for the body to some extent, and the slot-shaped neck, V.

It is the most beautiful dress designed entirely from chiffon (Hi Nick), defined waist, wide descending (Klosh), and adorns the neck and the scarf of the same raw material.

Dresses in green:

Fashion and continue with us the green color in fashion evening dresses Alsoareh season since last fall. Therefore, the group included several fashion them in this color fit to lock the afternoon and evening concerts of work consisting of a short jacket and chiffon dress.

For evening, dress designer simple Bmodel of raw materials shiny, without sleeves, and specific waist belt high in the same color.

One of the most dresses collection dress green paper Bmodel one shoulder Drabiah, Kroizih, is open from the front.

The repeated use of Allasé with chiffon dresses in such a group long dress, without sleeves.

New colors for spring evenings:

It is new and bold colors that appeared in the group for the evenings of spring, dark orange color. A strong attendance of colors that need to be simple in the finite model. This is what we see in models like this Elie Saab dress of thin layers of chiffon

The last dress one shoulder, is open from the side above the knee

The degree of light orange color, here is a dress embroidered with beads in the same bright color, Bmodel specific to the body

The blue came a degree in dark dresses many of the hill you beautiful embroidered sequined and chiffon.